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The New Mobile Sales Rep Access Makes Processing Orders That Much Easier for Importers and Distributors

The New Mobile Sales Rep Access Makes Processing Orders That Much Easier for Importers and Distributors


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The New Mobile Sales Rep Access Makes Processing Orders That Much Easier for Importers and Distributors

Jun 2, 2020

Ken Weygand
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Any practiced salesperson knows that data input while you’re out in the field can be challenging. Whether you’re at a tradeshow, a site visit or a networking event, the ability to input and retrieve customer data from an organized and clean system is a game-changer. It means the customer data is available and accessible whenever you may need it.

Think about it: what does a sales rep need to know when trying to sell product at a tradeshow? Inventory availability is essential. At events like tradeshows, the sales rep typically has a limited amount of time with his/her potential customers. Additionally, potential customers are likely perusing many other companies that sell similar products at these events, so time is of the essence. Customers want to know if and when they can get the product they want, so having real-time inventory availability allows the rep to answer that question quickly and easily. And answer those follow-up questions the customer may have just as quickly.

The reps need to be able to determine whether or not they can give the customer what he/she wants when he/she wants it, and if not, the sales reps need to know which other options they can present and provide to the customer. If the customer wants 50 chairs, for example, and there aren’t 50 available in inventory, the sales rep can determine when they’ll be in stock again. With this new Mobile Sales Rep, there’s visibility on inbound inventory—whether it’s in production or on its way. All of this makes it easier to get that order and commitment from the customer.

Aptean Distribution ERP launched a new application, the Aptean Mobile Sales Rep, that’s made specifically for your salespeople who are out in the field. It makes it easier for these users to access the product catalog with relevant product information (availability, pricing, pictures and more), view customer orders, access invoice history and enter new orders. The last thing a salesperson wants is for their sale to be bogged down by a challenging interface or lengthy manual input. Apprise Mobile Sales Rep was made to eliminate all that hassle.

If you’re a salesperson in the consumer goods industry—whether that’s furniture, hardware, gift and home, or anything in between—each vertical has its markets or tradeshows. And for those sales reps attending the same tradeshows year after year, they likely have steady customers coming to those shows to see their new product launch, new upgrades, or new features. And this is when a Mobile Sales Rep application is particularly useful; you can input a customer order then and there. It’s that simple and that reliable.

With the sales rep user application, you’re working right within the ERP— all of that data is available at your finger-tips, and the best part of all: you can access it from any web-enabled browser device. Many salespeople who track new customer data and orders through a third-party or add-on program then have to go back and input all this data into the ERP solution; it’s an important, time-consuming extra step. But with Apprise, the Mobile Sales Rep is simply a part of the ERP. There are no additional integrations to manage, and no manual data to transfer.

For current users of Aptean Distribution ERP, the new Mobile Sales Rep was created as a replacement for the mobile app. This new Aptean Mobile Sales Rep eliminates the mapping and syncing of data between your ERP and app, and to add on this, the roll-out is just minutes long and straightforward. The interface is friendly and configurable. You can focus on how to cultivate business as opposed to data entry and input.

If you’d like to talk more about how Aptean Distribution ERP can help you and your business, reach out. We’d love to talk.

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