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The Internship Experience at Aptean

The Internship Experience at Aptean


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The Internship Experience at Aptean

Jul 27, 2017

Aptean Staff Writer
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The value of an internship is immeasurable. The experiences and connections you make throughout your placement can help pave the way for your career and lead to future job offers. Pinpointing a company that not only has an internship available in your field of interest but, also gives you the opportunity to grow your skill set is crucial.

At Aptean, we have a high-performance work culture built around top tier employees focused on driving for results and providing an exceptional customer experience. Our success-oriented and engaging business environment allows us to provide interns with the opportunity to gain meaningful experience in their areas of interest and exposure to other facets of the business as well.

During the summer, we provide opportunities in various departments to hard-working, motivated, and interested students looking to expand their experience outside school. While summer for many college students represents a time of rest and relaxation before classes resume in the fall, it can also be a time to broaden their skills and gain valuable expertise. Students who invest in an internship are able to gain real-world experience before returning to a classroom.

Being an intern at Aptean doesn’t mean running to get coffee, or performing menial tasks such as shredding old files. Aptean interns have the opportunity to learn and produce work that matters.

“You produce work that actually makes an impact on the company. I’ve worked at a large company before where your work doesn’t even matter,” Naveen Thiligan, a Research and Development intern, said. “I’ve also worked in a high-pressure startup company where it was always stressful, but at Aptean I really feel like I can produce quality work and that what I am doing is relevant in the company.”

Feeling that your work is of significance is an important factor to consider within an internship. The ability to produce meaningful work while also being able to add finished projects to your portfolio is what sets a great internship apart from a merely good one.

Aptean promotes collaboration as well. We believe that our greatest success comes from working together. Collaboration across borders, valuing everyone’s contributions, and giving as well as receiving constructive criticism helps to cultivate an environment of mutual trust and respect.

“The environment at Aptean is really my favorite thing about working here,” explained Cam Wilson, a Customer Marketing intern. “It’s an open and collaborative space where you feel comfortable enough to approach anyone to ask questions or learn more.”

An open environment has the potential to significantly impact the work you do and the connections you make while at your internship. A collaborative and supportive work space allows you to ask questions, make mistakes, and add your input while knowing that you have a team and mentors behind you that are invested in your success.

“Over the course of my internship at Aptean, I’ve had great mentors to help me with my tasks. Our bosses will delay their own work and projects in order to make sure we have all the knowledge to understand what we are supposed to be doing,” Alex Kandilarov, a Research and Development intern, stated.

Identifying the perfect internship is always a hard choice, and requires you to take multiple factors into consideration. The best internship will allow you to learn, grow, and gain experience and knowledge that you won’t be able to gain in a classroom setting. An internship that affords you the opportunity to grow and develop as a professional will impact and shape your view on all your future business endeavors.

“I knew interning at Aptean was the perfect fit for me because not only did it allow me to grow my skills, but it also allowed me to bridge the gap between what I read online about potential careers and how the professional world really works,” Thiligan explained.

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