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Aptean Expands into the Life Sciences and Big Data Markets with Acquisition of GQ Life Sciences

Aptean Expands into the Life Sciences and Big Data Markets with Acquisition of GQ Life Sciences


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Aptean Expands into the Life Sciences and Big Data Markets with Acquisition of GQ Life Sciences

Oct 3, 2016

Alpharetta, GA, October 3, 2016 — Aptean, a leading provider of mission critical enterprise software solutions, announced today the acquisition of GQ Life Sciences, Inc., a global provider of life science patent search solutions.

“The acquisition of GQ Life Sciences expands our ability to provide vertically-focused mission critical enterprise solutions by entering the Life Sciences and Big Data markets where we see significant growth opportunities,” said Kim Eaton, Aptean CEO. “GQ Life Sciences leverages its deep expertise in biology, genomics, and semantics to deliver a best-in-class patent search solution, fueled by the world’s largest database of biological sequences. The solution is used daily by research professionals around the globe to provide insight into emerging inventions and enable their future innovations.”

“As a part of Aptean, GQ Life Sciences will have the opportunity to expand the development of our proprietary search algorithms and database model to create richer search options and deeper insights for the patent searcher and scientific researcher,” said Richard Resnick, GQ Life Science CEO. “We look forward to utilizing Aptean’s global reach and operational efficiencies to expand our business while continuing to provide the unmatched data and services our customers know and trust to mitigate risk and protect their intellectual property.”

GQ Life Sciences’ flagship product, GenomeQuest, provides researchers with the ability to search for biological sequences across 815k worldwide patents (or over 345m+ sequences). The intuitive solution combines content, search, analysis, and reporting functionality to produce the market-leading biological sequence search tool. GQ Life Sciences also recently launched LifeQuest, a specialized keyword search tool, which provides a wider range of users the ability to scan a dedicated database of more than 15 million Life Science patents. Since 1999 GQ Life Sciences has built a strong reputation in the Life Sciences industry, now serving nine of the top ten pharmaceutical companies, all five top agrochemical and seed companies, biotech companies, law firms, diagnostic labs, and patent offices around the world.

Financial terms of the sale were not disclosed.

About GQ Life Sciences

GQ Life Sciences is committed to our customers’ mission of building life science products that increase the quality of life around the world. Leveraging deep expertise in biology, genomics, and semantics, we provide SaaS-based search capabilities to help our customers understand the emerging inventions that enable them to innovate into the distant future. For more information, visit

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