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Aptean Food & Beverage ERP Success Story: La Tortilla Factory

Aptean Food & Beverage ERP Success Story: La Tortilla Factory


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Aptean Food & Beverage ERP Success Story: La Tortilla Factory

Mar 30, 2021


My name is Clark Katz. I'm the IT manager of La Tortilla Factory. What makes us unique is we feel like our tortillas are a better way to eat anything. We don't use bad ingredients in our tortillas. So they're healthy for you and they taste great.

We had an ERP system that was pretty good for financials, but it let us down when it came to manufacturing and warehouse management. And so we knew that JustFood was strong in those areas—JustFood being primarily oriented toward food manufacturers has meant that there's just an understanding of our business that was lacking in the previous ERP system that we had.

For us the most significant new feature was JustFood 4 and that enabled us to reduce the amount of paperwork in our manufacturing operation to about 90% right off the bat. We've been working with JustFood since about 2012 when we first got started with our first initial roll out. And so we've become really familiar with their teams and over the years we've really, I think gotten to be very efficient at working together.

We feel like JustFood is a great fit for us. Them being a food-centric ERP system enables them to be familiar with the needs of our business and to be able to work with us to be successful. We feel like JustFood went the extra mile for us due to the fact that we're a very demanding company. Even though we're just a baker of tortillas, we have very strict internal controls and expectations for ourselves are very high. So we feel like we extracted the most value out of our implementation that we could.

I would recommend working with JustFood because they've shown a commitment to our business over the years that has enabled us to make the project very successful.

If your food business wants to utilize our industry-specific food and beverage software like La Tortilla Factory, contact our team today.

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