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Aptean Food & Beverage ERP Success Story: LaBan

Aptean Food & Beverage ERP Success Story: LaBan


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Aptean Food & Beverage ERP Success Story: LaBan

Nov 4, 2022


My name is Michiel and I work at Laban Foods as a Business Office Manager. Laban Foods is a company that produces herb butter and butter for retail and wholesale, both in the Netherlands and for other countries. What is especially important to us is that we can quickly carry out traceability tests, and see what has been used and which products it has been used in. In addition, the financial aspect is of great importance, ensuring that the ledger and accounts can all be easily extracted from the system.

By using a tablet device in the mixing, production and high care environments, we can also quickly see what resources are needed and what will be produced in a day. This can be seen by looking at the materials that have been processed and those that are needed for the end product, including labels and packaging materials. I think Aptean has helped us quite a bit with the setup and configuration of this, and now everything works for us just as it should.

As we do our booking automatically, the final products already receive a specific lot number, and a barcode. And based on the sales order, they also receive an SSCC label. From there, the supplier can see in advance which labels or products they will receive, the expiry date of the product, and how much is on the pallet. Using the EDI and DESADV messages, the supplier can easily view the shipment in advance and know what they will be receiving. This is also good information to know for traceability.

I think the most important thing for us is to keep up with the process, and we need the advancements and the power of Aptean to make that happen. I think Aptean's knowledge is very broad, so we can easily deal with the challenges that we encounter, and they help us to figure out what works best for our business.

If your business is ready to leverage our purpose-built food and beverage ERP software like Laban Foods, reach out to us today.

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