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Crown Labs Elevates Efficiency With Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP

Crown Labs Elevates Efficiency With Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP


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Crown Labs Elevates Efficiency With Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP

Dec 11, 2023

Aptean Staff Writer
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With a solid commitment to customers as part of its DNA, Crown Labs has risen to become a global skincare product powerhouse, offering a diverse range of safe, science-based solutions for lifelong healthy skin. For eight straight years, the Tennessee-based company has been listed on the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private companies while expanding its distribution to over 38 countries.

Cosmetics and personal care companies like Crown Labs need industry-specific solutions to support their complex processes and solve distinct industry challenges, like managing many ingredients and adhering to intricate compliance requirements. That’s why a specialized enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is so critical for continued operational growth.

Crown Labs, an Aptean customer since 2005, moved to our cloud-based process manufacturing ERP solution in 2021 to unlock additional benefits such as improved cost-effectiveness, greater flexibility, increased security and seamless scalability.

Crown’s system integration manager, Ben Treadway, shares details of the business’s remarkable digital transformation. Plus, he sheds light on how our cosmetics ERP software fulfills all Crown Lab’s business requirements and the impressive support our customer success professionals provide.

Aptean: A One-Stop Shop for Crown Lab’s Needs

Process manufacturing ERP’s comprehensive capabilities, particularly in data collection and automation proved instrumental in managing every facet of Crown’s dynamic business environment, showcasing how Aptean’s solution seamlessly aligns with and elevates their operational needs. Treadway highlights the significance of having such a platform by explaining how the technology allows the company’s decision makers to conveniently access real-time reporting from a single database.

Crown Labs highly values the system, and it's clear that it has streamlined their decision-making processes.

“We have a one-stop shop, we can look at inventory reports and trial balances in one place,” Treadway said. “From my perspective, that’s the most important—that all our executives and senior management can see similar reporting from one place. Our ERP system is very robust, it takes care of every part of our business. Data collection is a very big thing for us. Aptean does everything that we need it to do.”

Working With Aptean’s Unrivaled Customer Success Team

But it's not just the software—it’s our support that truly sets Aptean apart. When Crown Labs wanted to implement automation for month-end processes using the system, the Aptean customer success team was ready to assist.

Treadway lauded the customer support provided by Aptean's dedicated team of professionals, highlighting our collaborative approach in providing support.

“First and foremost, I think the support has been bar none,” Treadway said. “The teams we work with are so easy to work with, and they are responsive. We are working through some automation right now for the month-end, and the Aptean team is leading the charge on that. We are working late hours, and Aptean’s been there every step of the way.”

Crown Labs also values the transparency and expertise of Aptean's customer success teams. Treadway appreciates their willingness to address questions even if an immediate solution is unavailable.

Aptean's active involvement ensures that, if a question can't be answered directly, our experts will know where to find the answers. This approach has left Treadway and the rest of the Crown team truly impressed.

“I would say one of my favorite things about the team is if they can’t answer my question right away, they will work with us to find a solution,” Treadway said, appreciating the support team’s transparency and commitment to success. “Aptean is so involved in this team setting, that if they can’t answer it, they know who can. The support we’ve gotten has been unbelievable.”

Aptean's approach to customer support is collaborative. We work as a team with our customers, ensuring that even if one team member can't immediately address an issue, our clients know we’re working to get it resolved.

Why Choose Aptean?

For Crown Labs, Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP stands as a robust solution—with tailored capabilities seamlessly managing its dynamic business operations. Treadway notes how Aptean's ERP system easily accommodates these changes.

Aptean’s cloud-based ERP optimizes flexibility and accessibility, features that are necessary in an increasingly unpredictable business landscape—helping Crown Labs achieve its business goals.

“Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP is a robust ERP system—it handles most everything that our business needs, and our business is always changing. We’re always acquiring companies that are not the same from one company to the next. It’s been a pretty easy transition to move these companies into Aptean. Our goal is to be consistent from company to company, and Aptean’s able to take care of that for us.”

We have meticulously honed an extensive reservoir of expertise—fostered over decades—focused on our core industries. Our team of professionals understand the intricate nuances woven into diverse product categories, allowing us to guide you through the complexities and challenges of your implementation.

Our commitment extends to helping you outline a meticulously planned roadmap—comprising well-defined milestones and a realistic project timeline. When you opt for Aptean, you're not just selecting a technology partner—you're embarking on a collaborative journey with a team that understands your unique requirements and is well-equipped to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Ready to explore Aptean’s purpose-built solutions for process manufacturers? Get in touch, today—or request a personalized demo.

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