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Aptean Routing & Scheduling Case Study: Global Food Distributor

Aptean Routing & Scheduling Case Study: Global Food Distributor


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Aptean Routing & Scheduling Case Study: Global Food Distributor

Aug 18, 2021


  • Global Food Distributor Boosts Transportation Efficiency With Aptean

A leading global food distributor, serving supply chains and food establishments around the world, has partnered with Aptean to better manage their end-to-end logistics operations. Faced with several operational challenges – largely due to manual planning and distribution processes, this major logistics provider needed a solution that would better enable them to plan efficiently, increase vehicle utilization and improve driver productivity. All while still catering to the diverse delivery requests from customers.

The Challenge

As operations continued to grow – inefficient, manual planning processes caused severe delivery limitations. With customer demands increasing, the company were met with several challenges:

  • Manually planning 2,000 deliveries per week in trucks of differing sizes

  • Meeting diverse delivery requests increased overall transportation costs

  • Planning and delivering each customer's orders separately created inefficient routes

The Solution

After careful consideration, this leading food distributor decided to implement Aptean Routing & Scheduling Paragon Edition to reduce transportation costs by optimizing routes, improving truck utilization and cutting planning time. All while maintaining excellent customer service levels.

The Result

With Aptean Routing & Scheduling, the operation has quickly adopted a daily dynamic route planning approach that has instantly increased truck utilization and reduced delivery time and miles. It also brought an end to manual planning misery. This major food logistics distributor can now continue to offer world-class delivery services, confident it can conquer challenges well into the future.

  • Increased truck utilization by 3%

  • Reduced average travel distance per route by 1.5%

  • Shortened average driving hours per route by 6.2%

  • Gained ability to combine customers' orders in trucks

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