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Aptean Routing & Scheduling Case Study: George's

Aptean Routing & Scheduling Case Study: George's


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Aptean Routing & Scheduling Case Study: George's

Apr 6, 2021


  • Aptean Routing & Scheduling helps George’s deliver fleet and fuel savings

George’s Inc. is a premier farm-to-table supplier of fresh and frozen chicken products, distributing to quick service restaurants, retail and food service customers.

The company has grown from a small business serving local and regional markets into a multi-division corporation serving both national and international markets. It now processes over 5 million chickens each week. The company’s mission remains the same: to set the standard by providing consistently superior poultry products worldwide every day.

The Challenge

The volume of deliveries and inability to quickly develop routes and schedules to accommodate expectations, due to outdated processes, were creating significant challenges for George’s:

  • Deliveries to over 250 restaurants, 3 times a week with 35 stops per truck

  • Increased fuel costs due to inefficient delivery operations

  • Homegrown IT infrastructure unable to rapidly develop routes and schedules

The Solution

Having experienced significant growth, and with existing routing processes failing to deliver what George’s needed – they knew it was time to start looking for a more advanced routing and scheduling system. The solution needed to be able to:

  • Address the challenges faced and improve operational efficiencies

  • Provide the ability to rapidly develop routes

  • Work alongside existing systems and infrastructure

  • Bring operational transparency, greater flexibility and improve customer service

The Result

Implementing Aptean Routing & Scheduling Paragon Edition has allowed George’s to quickly develop routes and eliminate the burden of manual planning and scheduling.

  • Saved $31,000 in annual fuel costs

  • 5% reduction in road miles

  • 10% reduction in fleet size while maintaining the same high levels of customer service

  • 6 hours of data entry and administration time saved every week

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