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Aptean Apparel ERP, Exenta Edition

Aptean Apparel ERP, Exenta Edition

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Aptean Apparel ERP, Exenta Edition

Feb 28, 2022


A modern ERP can help the company achieve its goals financially, as well as operationally, just by simply providing real-time information at a touch of a button, or being delivered in a report automatically. Versus traditionally, companies would have to spend time putting together a massive Excel spreadsheets or spending hours and hours putting reports together, or pulling people together information, emails, etcetera, etcetera, to answer a question.

There's just no time to do that anymore. You have to be able to have the right answers, at the right time, to be able to hit those goals that you need to hit financially. And in terms of not just financially, in terms of savings, but also in terms of revenue, by getting the right answers to your customers as well.

I think companies need to modernize now to keep up with the demands of their retailers from a manufacturing perspective. Because they get a lot of requirements from the big retailers like Wal-Mart and J. C. Penney and they need to keep up and also be able to process data quickly.

Exenta is an awesome choice for anybody in the fashion industry, apparel or soft goods, or it could be footwear, could be jewelry, etcetera. Just simply because that's what we grew up in. You know, we're all from the industry, we didn't just show up with the technology, you know, from, from the CEO of our company, myself, our project managers, even some of the developers came from the industry, so we really understand it, we love the industry, we want to see it be successful.

And you know, we care because we came from it, this is this is what we know, but we also have a deep domain experience, and almost every area of the business, whether it's product development design, whether it's manufacturing, whether it's the warehouse, financials, etcetera. We understand the industry and we care about your success Exenta is unique because we provide a very prolific base package, and our customers can use it as-is, but we also don't turn down customization as it's needed, so we can change the package to any customer's requirements.

Exenta ERP is the best choice for companies in the manufacturing industry, because of our ability to provide a full product for every aspect of the business. And we also allow the customer to make requests to customize for specific items, they might need to run their business. We have a client that had a modern ERP solution, but they weren't really completely satisfied with it.

And it was was working okay for them. But the challenges they were facing from the marketplace, the pressures they were receiving from the marketplace, was they need to be able to do multiple websites and omni-channel. They were doing pick-and-pack direct shipping to consumer for a retailer. They were selling their brand direct online to through their website.

And they were also doing Amazon etcetera. So they needed a technology that would integrate with all these different platforms and all these different channels seamlessly, while allowing them to have real-time fulfillment of orders, real-time inventory, pick-and-pack in their warehouse, all under one umbrella.

And Exenta was able to provide that for this client. And the comment from the client, I spoke with the COO of this company, and they basically said that without Exenta, they would not be competitive in the marketplace today.

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