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Aptean Apparel PLM

Aptean Apparel PLM


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Aptean Apparel PLM

Dec 27, 2023


To keep pace with consumer demand, and remain relevant in a competitive market, your fashion and apparel brand must continually evolve.

When you need to make decisions quickly, there’s no time to waste on outdated, and cumbersome systems or manual processes. You need a flexible and adaptive system that provides real-time information, streamlines workflows and keeps everyone on the same page throughout every design milestone.

Aptean Apparel PLM is a cloud-based product lifecycle management solution that automates time-consuming processes to help you bring products to market faster and with greater efficiency.

Easily accessed from any browser, Aptean Apparel PLM streamlines essential processes including approvals, team and partner collaboration, line selection, tech pack creation, vendor quotes and costing. All from one location.

Configurable and flexible for your growing business needs, our solution empowers designers to work with software like Adobe Illustrator or Browzwear's Lotta and VStitcher, while seamlessly accessing real-time data from a centralized repository.

They can launch a new concept, edit a design, add and reuse imagery, update information, and more—without having to switch systems.

Ready to make the move to a modern PLM solution that can optimize design processes and bring products to market faster?

Then you’re ready for Aptean Apparel PLM.

Interested in this PLM solution for your apparel business? Contact us today to get started. You can also learn about our apparel ERP software. Discover more, now.

Ready to start transforming your apparel business?

We’ve got the specialized PLM solutions you need to conquer your fashion industry challenges.

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