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An Introduction to Aptean Routing & Scheduling

An Introduction to Aptean Routing & Scheduling


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An Introduction to Aptean Routing & Scheduling

Mar 29, 2021


Are you a distributor, logistics or 3PL company with a private fleet of more than 20 vehicles looking to reduce your distribution costs and improve your customer service? With complex operations, you may have trouble achieving accurate forecasts, creating an effective schedule and delivering goods on time to customers.

We're here to help from routing automation through to managing complex resource planning, Aptean can help you deliver the best transportation operation and customer delivery experience possible. We all know that delivery operations can be complex and time consuming, especially when it comes to manual planning, making it increasingly difficult to manage costs, maximize performance and meet customer expectations.

Aptean's advanced routing and scheduling software automatically produces a fully resource managed plan at individual driver and vehicle level, based on realistic allocation and availability of resources, so now you can quickly create a realistic and achievable transportation plan that delivers value to your business and your customers.

It's not just the planning department that benefits, as dispatch operations benefit too. Resource-managed plans ensure dispatch don't have to pull the plan apart, and they can focus on getting drivers out the door on time, ultimately improving efficiencies and enhancing the relationship between the planning and dispatch teams.

As the vehicles are on the road, linking vehicle tracking and telematics solutions with Aptean enables accurate GPS tracking and driver data to be captured during each shift, providing you with access to real time data to compare actual versus planned progress and provide accurate delivery updates to your customers.

On completion of the route, Aptean reduces the time required for driver debrief by highlighting problems that were experienced. Comprehensive reporting capabilities allow you to identify trends to accurately forecast and tighten planning parameters while improving driver activity and ultimately, the overall customer experience.

Your planner can even track individual driver hours accumulated to avoid overtime. The impact on future schedules caused by any exceptions to hours of service limits can be considered in the next planning phase, giving you confidence that the plans that are produced are compliant with weekly hours of service rules.

Throughout your entire operation, it's important to ensure your transportation management processes are fully aligned and you have complete visibility, and that the software you have in place can support a cycle of continuous improvement. Aptean enables transportation operations to analyze operational performance, identify improvement opportunities and implement operational change, ensuring you deliver a smarter, more efficient delivery experience.

By leveraging Aptean solutions, you can cut your transportation costs by up to 30%, improve delivery service capabilities and more confidently meet customer demand and expectations. And by integrating tracking and telematics into Aptean's route execution and resource management functionality, you can gain even more value for your business.

To find out more about how your transportation operation could benefit from using Aptean, contact us today. We're happy to help.

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