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with Bakery ERP

Bakeries need to manage an inventory of variable raw ingredients, short expiration dates and allergen concerns in addition to complying with food safety standards. All whilst managing cost.

Your customers expect freshness, quality and choice.

That's why Aptean delivers a bakery-specific ERP to help you master the complexities of producing baked goods—as standard.

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How Can Aptean’s ERP Solution Help You

Better Manage Your Bakery?

Built with a comprehensive feature-set designed to address your industry’s unique challenges, Aptean’s ERP solution specialises in delivering both control and flexibility.

  • Plan, monitor and manage production within your dynamic environment with unique features such as label room, optimised production touchscreen and backflushing enhancements.

  • Realise every detailed cost across your supply chain, including haulage, labour, machine costs, duty, rework and more.

  • List the allergens that are present in your products, then assign them to your raw materials and manufactured items.

  • Give your production personnel full visibility into any upcoming activities that will contain allergens to ensure proper planning takes place.

  • Gain visibility into producer activities through a collaborative forecasting and planning module with a quality view, pack out view and advanced shipment notifications.

  • Manage the creation of a vast array of service charge rates, triggered at different points throughout the supply chain, recording both the cost to you and the revenue you intend to charge for those services so you can report on your operation’s profitability.

Woman in Bakery organizing baked goods on cooling racks

Success with Aptean

SanoRice Future-Proofs Its Business with Aptean Food & Beverage ERP

SanoRice is the market leader for rice and corn cakes and other products from puffed grains. Without the ability to accurately track inventory, they lacked visibility into their supply chain which further affected their profitability. SanoRice implemented Aptean’s ERP solution across three locations.

"Over the past year our inventory variances have dropped dramatically from substantial euro amounts to an insignificant figure. It’s a huge difference."

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Rice cakes stacked

What Makes Aptean Food & Beverage ERP the Best Choice for Bakeries?

Generic, one-size-fits-all ERP solutions simply can’t accommodate the complexity of bakeries. But Aptean Food & Beverage ERP is tailor-made to address and optimise the critical and unique processes involved in producing bakery products. No costly customisations or work arounds needed.

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Help Mitigate Risks, Save Money and Increase Revenue with Food & Beverage ERP Software
Food & Beverage ERP Software

With the current economic uncertainty and rising inflation a top concern for many food and beverage companies, how can your business ensure that it maintains profitability when the cost of doing business is at an all time high?

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