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Ready for Business Intelligence in the Food Industry

Whether you want a high-level view of performance or need specific insights into a single area of your operation, Aptean Business Intelligence offers the information you need to better manage your food and beverage business.

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Tailored Functionality for Food and Beverage

Actionable Insights for Your Business

Razor thin margins, approaching expiration dates and safety standards are all factors food and beverage companies have to contend with on a daily basis. That’s why we created Aptean Business Intelligence for the food and beverage industry. We wanted to offer a better way to collect and analyze data, create more streamlined business processes and provide more actionable insights.

Our solution comes with 500+ KPIs—many specific to the food and beverage industry—to get you started on the right track immediately. Each of these KPIs can then be monitored, tracked over time and analyzed in conjunction with other data. Our solution can even alert you when something seems out of the ordinary, ensuring that any problems are resolved before they escalate.

Of course, you always want to be improving your business. And we want to make sure you can, too. Aptean Business Intelligence solution is able to take past data and predict what your performance may look like in the future. And if you’re thinking about making a major change, you can even incorporate that to see if it would make a positive difference to your bottom line.

Advanced Functionality Comes Standard

Aptean Business Intelligence is a must-have for any food and beverage business looking to grow using smarter, more effective data analysis—this advanced functionality comes standard:

  • Fully Equipped - Comes with 500 KPIs out-of-the-box using terminology and measurements specific to the food and beverage industry.

  • Set and Forget - Automate all of your data collection processes and set triggers to update key members of your business when certain conditions are met.

  • Never Caught Off Guard - Anomaly detection finds the root cause of a sudden drop or spike in any given KPI.

  • Improved Forecasting - Machine learning allows you to predict future performance using both internal and external factors.

  • Make Better Decisions - Simulations allow you to determine the likely impact of any decision; compare the simulations and choose the best course of action.

How Can Aptean Business Intelligence Improve Your Food and Beverage ERP?

There’s no doubt about it—the food and beverage industry is complex. There’s expiration dates to keep up with, regulatory documentation to keep organized, razor thin margins and lots of calculations that need to be made to keep your business on track. But if you want to truly understand how your business is performing and why, you’ll need to continuously monitor it using a solid management information system. This is where Aptean Business Intelligence comes in.

  • Translate all your existing raw data into insights that can be easily interpreted.

  • Analyze your business processes from the ground up and optimize them to work more efficiently.

  • Make strategic decisions with fact-based justifications using your organization’s actual data.

  • Create easy-to-understand dashboards that deliver powerful information, quickly.

  • Integrate with not only your ERP system, but gather data from your other systems as well; such as a CRM, logistics management solution, or financial system.

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