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Ready for a World-

Class Complaints

Management System

Want to simplify complaint handling while improving outcomes and elevating customer experience?

Then you’re in the right place. Our case and complaints management software, Aptean Respond, is ready to help you rise to the challenge.

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Raise the Bar on

Customer Satisfaction

One Powerful Platform

Aptean Respond offers everything you need in one place. With it, your team can manage all facets of customer case management, streamline departmental communication, identify root causes and deep dive into case analytics—all from a single platform. And Respond's industry-specific templates and reporting tools help you stay compliant with regulatory requirements.

Interactive Visibility

Aptean Respond provides interactive, customizable dashboards that can be easily configured to display the data needed by various user roles. The dashboards offer dynamic charts, tables and trackers that provide at-a-glance visibility into the information that matters most—from case pipelines and outstanding tasks to performance metrics, root cause trends and more.

SaaS and On-Premise Options

You can choose the deployment option that works best for your business with both cloud (SaaS) and on-premise models available. Focused on minimizing your infrastructure footprint? Our SaaS option transfers the burden of hosting, upgrades and security to our team of professionals. Prefer to host your own system? Our on-premise model provides you with maximum flexibility. Either way, you’ll have access to the full feature set and always own your data.

Flexible and User-Friendly

With our highly configurable complaints management system, you can easily modify workflows or build your own case processes that employ specific rules, templates and automation preferences. No knowledge of databases, programming languages or scripting needed. Training packages are also available to empower your team to get the most out of Respond.

What Could You Achieve With the Aptean Respond System?

Our complaints management system provides a comprehensive platform for improving customer interactions, accelerating case resolution and generating actionable insights on how your organization can do better.

  • Increase efficiency, consistency and speed in complaint response

  • Identify and support vulnerable customers 

  • Get to the root cause of customer complaints, spot trends and correct the underlying issues

  • Streamline employee training and improve compliance with a step-by-step path to follow

  • Comply with regulatory demands through included templates, timelines and reporting features

  • Identify and direct training to low performers and reward and better deploy high-performing employees

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Easy-to-Use Features.

Measurable Benefits.

Case Agent

Respond Case Agent is the primary interface that front-line workers use to enter customer cases. Its process-driven workflow guides users through any form of feedback–complaints, suggestions, inquiries and compliments–helping them deliver appropriate, consistent and timely responses. Built-in escalation paths automatically move cases up the chain when necessary.

Consumer Vulnerability Detection

The first solution of its kind, Consumer Vulnerability Detection is a built-in text analytics solution that scans inbound customer communications for signs of potential vulnerability which might otherwise be missed during the case handling process. Vulnerability markers are flagged for frontline staff and case handlers, alerting them to take a closer look and assess whether a different approach is needed to provide the customer with the proper support.

Case Manager

Respond Case Manager is a configurable interface that displays all the information case managers and handlers need, including links to recent cases, frequently run searches and reports and even external data sources. Notes, phone calls, emails, social media interactions and reminders are all supported by the platform and captured in the case history—streamlining the case entry process. Case Manager also provides the option to create templates for letters and emails, further increasing system-wide consistency and staff productivity.

Configuration Manager

With Respond, you can design your perfect customer feedback process and define the way your agents and case managers handle customer interactions. Respond Configuration Manager puts you in control with a simple, wizard-driven interface that guides you through all of the software's configurable features. From defining escalation paths to building the workflow required to close out a case or capture a compliment, you can do it all—no expensive consultants or integrators needed.

Simple Self-Serve

With Respond Simple Self-Serve, you can build online contact forms that channel customer feedback directly into your complaint management system. When a customer submits feedback through a Simple Self-Serve form, a case is automatically created in Aptean Respond for the appropriate team(s) to pick up and manage—so there's no need to re-key information or determine who the case should get sent to.


Respond Social allows social and formal case management to happen under one roof. It gives Respond users access to Twitter and Facebook channels, enabling them to monitor accounts, keywords and hashtags, respond directly to posts and messages, and post proactively—all without leaving Respond. Social also performs real-time sentiment analysis on inbound social media posts, flagging negative feedback to be dealt with first.


Respond Survey embeds a customer feedback solution within your complaints management platform, enabling you to create engaging, context-sensitive customer surveys and incorporate them into your case management workflow. Since each survey is linked to a Respond case, survey results can be examined within the context of the case, helping to reveal what is driving the feedback and enabling direct follow-up. Interactive, role-specific dashboards make it easy to examine results for specific time periods, case handlers, or survey questions, and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Respond SaaS

Respond SaaS is a distinct Respond package that offers all the product's core components in a SaaS (Software as a Service) deployment model. Its unique, multi-residency approach leverages the scale of cloud infrastructure while keeping all your private data secure and separated from that of other customers. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Respond SaaS provides rapid computing power and storage expansion as you need it. This model also offers lower start-up costs, a pay-as-you-go subscription model and lower capital investment.

Quality Accelerator

Quality Accelerator provides risk-based, real-time quality assurance and retrospective quality control. It allows managers to monitor their team’s case handling, identify poor practice and, if needed, intervene. Managers can provide individual feedback to workers, identify common mistakes and kick-start training improvements. They can also highlight high performers and direct rewards and retention efforts to the strongest team members.

Business Intelligence Direct

Business Intelligence (BI) Direct enables you to easily gather, analyze and report on insights from Respond. BI Direct outputs Respond data in a standard online analytical processing (OLAP) format, allowing you to leverage the reporting tools of your choice to slice and dice the information. The OLAP database is hosted in the Aptean cloud, giving you easy access and eliminating the need to host your own database server. Respond SaaS required.


XSync streamlines reporting workflow by allowing users to continually synchronize data in a Microsoft Excel workbook with the latest information from Respond. Users can instantly refresh Respond data from within Excel, and quickly conceptualize data visualizations from within a tool they already know. Because XSync detects the security settings in Respond, it will only pull data that the user is authorized to view.

Language Packs

Support operations in multiple regions and staff with various language needs with Respond language packs. French, German, Italian, Spanish and Polish language packs can be easily applied to your Respond system. When a language pack is applied, the core Respond product is translated into the selected language.



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Relieving pressure on your BAU teams

Combining Managed Services capacity for large scale complaints handling projects with the best in class complaints management solution, KPMG can deliver your outsourced BI complaints handling operations.

Suite of approaches, methodologies and tools

This experience has been developed and improved over multiple client engagements. We are proud to partner with KPMG, who provide global insights into the industries Aptean Respond serves.

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Cirrus TechVue

Been in business since the early 1980s

An SME with an exemplary track record in introducing new technology to South Africa and implementing enterprise scale solutions in some of the country’s largest organisations.

Cirrus TechVue sells and supports Aptean’s Respond EFM solution.

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Voxtron Middle East

Voxtron Middle East (VME) is based in Dubai, UAE

Offices/affiliates in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Tunisia, Hong Kong, Portugal and Thailand.

Wide portfolio for unique position

For over a decade, we have been providing affordable customer engagement optimization solutions from leading technology vendors. We offer a complete, fully featured solution from a single vendor.

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