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Ready for Leading ERP for Meat and Seafood Processors

The meat, seafood and poultry segments entail unique challenges, including catch weight calculations and differing grades and cuts assigned to products.

An industry-specific enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can handle these concerns and also serve as the foundation for your cutting-edge digital transformation.

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Realize Results With an

ERP for Meat Processors

From the Aptean Experts.

Designed to Suit Your Business’s Needs

Our teams have worked with meat, seafood and poultry businesses like yours for decades and leveraged that experience to develop an ERP solution that alleviates all of your major pain points. The features of our systems were created with industry best practices, equipping you with the tools you need to get the job done right.

With the functionalities offered by Aptean’s ERP software for meat processors, you’ll be able to accommodate variable weight products with automatic catch weight calculations. You’ll also be able to correctly identify and label by cut and grade and automate your compliance and food safety checks to ensure smooth operations that meet the demands of regulatory bodies and discerning consumers.

Our offering also serves as a cross-functional platform that integrates all departments and teams in your organization. Further, it automates the data collection process, assuring that all important facts and figures are logged in real time for complete traceability, and allows for detailed visualizations and analysis that lead to improvement.

For the confidence and agility that you need to compete in the meat, seafood and poultry sector, Aptean’s ERP for meat processors is your best bet.

What Sets Aptean ERP for Meat Processors Apart?

Our ERP is packed with carefully crafted features to simplify and streamline operations for your company. These are just a handful of the industry-specific functions we’ve built in:

  • Data-rich labelling and integration with connected scales to account for variable weight products

  • Automatically calculated catch weight values tracked through solution to invoicing

  • Product variation management that allows for the assignment of grades and cuts

  • Allergen management and automated scheduling of sanitation and safety checks

  • Better control of production by implementing upper and lower catch weight thresholds

  • Efficiency metrics that identify bottlenecks and enable improvement

  • Assured regulatory compliance with automatically scheduled checks and internal audits

Aptean’s ERP for meat processors can be the backbone of your change initiative, modernizing the way you do business and propelling your organization to greater heights. Get in touch with our team of team of experts to get started today.

Success With Aptean

Vishandel Klooster Increased Efficiency and Future-Proofed Business With Aptean Seafood ERP

For the Netherlands-based seafood supplier, company-wide use of our food ERP system streamlined processes and created a solid foundation for continued automation.

Commercial Director, Jac Tijsen commented: “Because they are already working in the food industry and have several other fish industry clients, Aptean was the perfect partner for us.”

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Unlock Meat and Seafood-Specific Features and Get the Aptean Advantage

Ready to explore all the ways in which Aptean Food & Beverage ERP will help ensure your business’s operations with purpose-built tools for your unique challenges?

You’ve likely got lots of questions about our solutions and the implementation process, not to mention the resource commitments you’ll need to make as an organization.

Most ERP solution vendors will be more than happy to provide you a price quote on request, but it’s important that you’re able to convey your needs and expectations clearly so that their teams can produce a realistic and accurate figure. In this blog post, we dive into the key considerations you need to make prior to filing your request for an ERP quote, as well as how to best carry out the process.

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Ready for purpose-built solutions to streamline protein processing operations?

Our ERP for meat and seafood processors drives positive change and acts as a future-proof platform for growth.

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