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Complete Beverage Software Tailored to Your Challenges

Not all beverage management software is created equal. Aptean Beverage ERP Drink-IT is the solution that beverage producers and distributors around the world choose for purpose-built, industry-specific functionality.

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Enhance Your

Business Performance

Automate, Standardize and Boost Your Processes

The right beverage ERP solution helps you harmonize and standardize your business processes, making them more transparent and efficient.

Better Management Through Transparency

Modern beverage ERP solutions provide transparent insight into the company’s growth drivers through analysis and reporting, which in turn ensures the optimal management of your beverage company.

Easily Scale as You Grow

With state-of-the-art beverage ERP solution comes the flexibility and scalability to a degree that it will embrace whatever change you will make—including scaling your existing business for growth or supporting internationalization of your business.

Getting There Quicker

An industry-specific ERP solution can offer you functionality and configuration that out-of-the box matches your beverage industry processes and needs. Start creating value for your business from day one—and much faster than with a generic ERP system.

“Aptean Beverage ERP Drink-IT is a reliable partner for ERP built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central tailored to the specific requirements of the beverage industry and breweries, and we would definitely recommend them to our industry colleagues."

Nico NimmegeersCFOOmer Vander Ghinste

In a tough marketplace, having the right business solution to support your beverage operations is increasingly important.

With tougher competition, changes in consumption patterns and increasing costs for raw materials, utilities and logistics, many beverage companies realize that natural flavors, aromas, sweeteners and water are no longer the only vital ingredients in their recipe for successful, competitive products.

An equally vital ingredient is the ability to streamline, simplify and automate business processes—from receiving raw materials to delivering products to customers. Streamlined processes help create the best-performing players in the beverage industry. This is where a modern, industry-specific enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution comes in.

The right ERP solution tailored for the beverage industry will work out-of-the-box, support and automate your business, and boost your ability to carry out your processes in a fast and efficient way.

Connect your value chain into one seamless, simple and efficient workflow providing new, valuable real-time business insights that will increase speed and accuracy in your decision-making. Discover how, now.

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Designed for Your

Beverage Business

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Beer is your business and breweries are realizing that hops, malt, yeast and water are no longer the only vital ingredients in the recipe for success.

Get end-to-end traceability of materials, additives and components by using pallet tracking for lot traceability to comply with food and drink legislation.

Bottled water on conveyor belt

Soft Drinks & Water

The life cycle of a soft drink and bottled water is complex—from production, bottling and distribution, to marketing, sales and taxation.

Save time on quality processes, optimize your operational efficiency and enable full product tracing while maintaining product safety.

Bottled drinks in crates in warehouse

Wholesale Distributor

Beverage wholesalers are challenged by many revenue-threatening issues—from increasing numbers of SKUs to labor-intensive empty-goods handling and the efficient planning of delivery routes.

Optimize your routing and shipment management and streamline warehouse activities with enabled full pallet tracing. Efficiently track all the various empty goods that form the crucial backbone of your supply chain.

Man on tablet in distillery


The profitability of distilling, blending and mixing liquors depends on transparent and efficient business processes, from the purchase of raw materials to finished products and duty management.

Streamline your logistics processes and keep track of your fast-moving raw materials and stocks, quickly and easily.

Bottling machine


When it comes to bottling, you need a flexible system that supports all the way from mixing ingredients and bottling, to picking, labelling, packaging, sales, distribution and financial management.

Benefit from having full control and a clear view of operations with fully integrated purchasing and flexible production planning tools that enable you to see capacity, materials and their impact on your production schedule as you adjust to match customer changes.

Apples in water

Cider Manufacturer

Cider producers are tapping into a growing local and global supplier market for cider apples. To succeed, you need visibility and trackability up and down your supply chain.

Employ unlimited quality measures and standards on raw materials or produced lots. During in-process testing, any lot can be held in quarantine and released for stock after approval from the quality manager.

ERP Solution Initiatives:

Solving For Your Need

Conquer your operational initiatives with our beverage business management applications with inbuilt tools for mobility, communication and collaboration.

Organizational Scale

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Organizational Scale

Fostering flexibility, while ensuring control

When experiencing fast growth, it’s easy to lose control over how processes are used. Discover the peace of mind that your organization is protected with the right technology infrastructure, while also ensuring team members follow optimized processes.

Scale your business without extra resources

As you scale your business—expanding into new markets and growing your team—your production output inevitably scales too. Enable your team to produce high-volume quickly by automating key processes and activities without straining your current resources.

Read how an ERP can facilitate growth for your business

Geographic Expansion

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Geographic Expansion

Support multiple markets with one solution

Built-in languages and localized tax management for each market create a localized experience for global users within our unified, enterprise beverage management solution.

Clearer collaboration and visibility

A centralized beverage management solution is integral to future-proof your global business growth strategy, as it allows stakeholders both inside and outside your business to access, manage and collaborate with regional partners in one single platform.

Read more about expanding operations globally

Merger and Acquisition

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Merger and Acquisition

No time wasted looking for the right data

The M&A process can be messy, and it’s all too easy to slip into chaos where no one knows where data is, who it belongs to and how it should be used. Centralize processes in one seamless solution and give the right stakeholders access to the right data.

Get your subsidiaries in the fast lane

Enable subsidiaries to focus on their local business during the consolidation process with a two-tier model which allows for better transparency and communication for both entities during a time of rapid change across the new organizational structure.

Read more about M&A in the food and beverage industry

Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation

New definition of operational efficiency

Digital transformation is way more than just digitizing your files. It is the integration of new digital technologies like a cloud-based ERP solution as the foundation of digital transformation to reimagine all aspects of your business.

Make your digital ambitions a reality

Though every company achieves it differently, it is the long-term strategic initiative to use new technologies and digital content to positively transform internal workflow inefficiencies, company culture and CX to meet new market requirements.

Read more about digital transformation

Cost and Efficiency

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Cost and Efficiency

Streamlined processes for faster go-to-market, out-of-the-box

An industry beverage management solution centralizes and automates processes so stakeholders can collaborate efficiently and get to market quickly.

Industry-specific technologies help organizations drive ROI

Companies rely on a growing number of modern digital technologies purpose-built for their specific industry sector to effectively market their product and services while driving ROI and increasing efficiency.

Read how to maximize ROI with an industry-specific ERP system

Built-in Beverage Industry Best-Practice Capabilities

Enjoy a flexible, fully-integrated beverage ERP solution that provides industry best-practices out-of-the-box.

Pen and calculator on spreadsheet on desk

Tax Management

Take the complexity out of calculating item-specific taxes making it easy to manage all aspects of tax and VAT. Calculate and report excises based on all movements in and out of bonded locations. Includes excises on transfers and stock corrections.

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Kegs stacked on crates

Empty Goods & Deposit Management

Empty goods (kegs, CO2 tanks, bottles, crates and pallets) are the single biggest expense for a beverage company. Increase control and lower costs by tracking high-value emptied assets. Make deposit management an integral part of your business processes.

Bottle deposit
Team reviewing charts on tablet over desk

Sales & Purchase Conditions

Create discounts and calculate promotions for your customers while tracking the results of promotional activities. Efficient discount and promotion management enables complete and accurate calculations (stock of free goods, invoicing, accounting and more).

Euro symbol on sales tag
Man and woman reviewing tablet with boxes in warehouse

Advanced Warehouse Management

Streamline your warehouse efficiency through simplified SSCC pallet tracking, elimination of data entry errors and dramatically increased visibility. Fully integrated online scanning system provides accuracy and a managed, cohesive supply chain.

Major highway system of connected roads with traffic


Plan your company’s transportation—easily, reliably and cost-effectively—while reducing your freight spend. Optimize your customer service and warehouse efficiency with better route planning based on customer preferences and daily pre-set routes.

Distribution truck
Bar chart on table in 3D with coins

Advanced Sales

Get all the advanced features you need to help increase productivity—in the field and in-house. As a result, you will sell more efficiently turning sales reps into top performers who will close the deal.

Magnifying chart
Bottle machine

Beverage Production

Manage your beverage production closely from the purchase of raw materials to end-product packaging. Forecasting guides short and long-term planning and on which production line. Have the right quantity of raw material in stock for better line management.

Beverage bottles in different levels
Percentages on tablet screen

Alcohol Balance

With tax authorities demanding online administration of the alcohol volume in your company, report at any time for any warehouse: opening balances, increases, decreases and end balances of alcohol volume; plus, losses from production, storage and samples.

Bottle with percentage bubble
Woman inspecting beverage bottle from assembly line

Quality Control Management

Manage quality control based on measurements of the intermediate and finished goods in your beverage production process. It also includes the initial quality testing of ingredients as part of the receiving or shipment process.

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Contract signing at table

Contract Management

Enabling you to manage everything from blanket contracts and subcontracts for each type of contract (loan, rent and more), to volume commitments and contact information. Ensure each contract delivers the business you expect for your beverage company.

Delivery van full of boxes

Custom Document Management

Meet requirements and extend support to your duty suspended excise movement like to the EU Excise Movement & Control System (EMCS) when monitoring logistic movements of excisable goods under suspension of duty within the EU. (Supported in: BE, UK, NL, DE)

Team reviewing notes on laptop

Event Management

Control event returns of your loan in-use items, empty goods and allowed full goods. Keep a solid overview of event-related orders, such as products sold at events or giveaways. Plan equipment loans with your orders during high season.

Scanning box with handheld scanner

Advanced Online Warehouse Management

Cope with everyday warehouse tasking from receiving, over-production, multiple shipping bins, picking templates, directing to the correct bin and 'best before date', all on an Android App for accurate use from a handheld scanning device.


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