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Aptean Compiere ERP is an integrated, open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for discrete manufacturers that helps streamline your operations and gives you the flexibility to run your business your way.

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Aptean Compiere ERP Overview

Built on a Modern, Web-Based Platform

Compiere offers a highly interactive, web-based user experience with secure access from any browser. Integration with other applications is easy using Compiere's service-oriented architecture (SOA) and web services. Using open-source technology helps reduce IT infrastructure costs, and access to application source code reduces vendor dependence and project risk.

Flexible Workflow Model

Compiere's flexible workflow model gives you the ability to define automated workflow rules that match your business practices. The system conforms to Business Process Management standards from the Workflow Management Coalition and Object Management Group.

Highly Adaptable, Enterprise-Class Applications

Compiere delivers a broad and rich set of integrated business functionality on a highly adaptable platform. Role-based management dashboards with drill-down capability allow you to effectively monitor and analyze your operations, and pre-built charts and graphs can be easily expanded to meet your specific needs. Compiere Enterprise is built to scale—supporting the multiple servers, large transaction volumes and hundreds of users required by demanding businesses of all sizes.


Because of its global-ready design, your customized Compiere solution is easier to maintain and extend. Compiere is built to support multi-location and multi-national operations and a key part of its model-driven application platform is the ability to customize your ERP system and accounting features to the realities of your global business. You can manage any number of tax laws, organizations, warehouses, languages, currencies and accounting rules and benefit immediately from lower implementation costs. And, as your business grows, the global-ready capabilities enable significantly more functionality along with reduced maintenance costs.

Highly Adaptable Discrete Manufacturing ERP Software

Compiere ERP provides industrial and discrete manufacturers with easy, flexible, low-cost access to rich functionality for managing financial, manufacturing, distribution, sales and service processes.  

Built on a model-driven application platform, Aptean Compiere ERP allows you to easily modify and extend its core functionality to fit your specific processes without forcing you into an expensive and difficult upgrade path.  

With Compiere, you can leverage a discrete manufacturing ERP solution that fits your unique business requirements with little to no programming.

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Aptean Compiere ERP Features

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Compiere's CRM capabilities help you more efficiently manage your sales processes and get a 360° view of interactions with your customers. The Sales component supports automated processing of customer requests, helps manage marketing campaign mailings and can provide insights on revenue and gross profit for specific customers or groups. Compiere E-Commerce is an online store, fully integrated with the rest of your ERP data and business rules—so it doesn't require periodic synchronization with your ERP or complex integration. The solution utilizes cascading style sheets ensuring that your web store looks and feels consistent with your external website. Compiere Service provides a system for compiling and tracking service-related activities from initiation to closure.

Multisite Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Compiere delivers broad multisite ERP features, providing end-to-end planning and control to streamline and automate critical business processes, reduce costs and drive efficiency. Its Manufacturing component encompasses material requirements planning (MRP), production control, cost management and reporting, while the Materials Management component addresses products, price lists, inventory receipts, shipments, movements and counts. Compiere also supports purchasing, including the creation of requisitions, purchase orders, receipt of vendor invoices and payment processing. The system even provides an integrated Warehouse Management component that automates inbound, warehousing and outbound operations to improve productivity, space utilization and customer satisfaction.

Order Management and Financial Management

Tightly integrated with the system's Materials Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) elements, Compiere's Order Management component covers the business processes required for quote creation, sales order management, invoicing and the receipt of cash. Compiere also supports your company's global financial management processes, automating financial, distribution, sales and service tasks and centralizing your enterprise data in a single repository. By integrating enterprise-wide business processes and data, Compiere provides you with reliable information for accurate financial reporting and informed decision-making.

Performance Management, Analytics and Reporting

Compiere provides executives and managers with multiple views of activities and operational performance in the organization. The system offers four internal standard report types: list reports (queries based on flexible fields and parameters), forms (business documents, like invoices, that conform to a specific print layout), financial reports and statements of accounts. Compiere's Business View Layer enables end-users and report designers to securely access pre-defined or custom views of data regarding customers, vendors, products, sales orders, invoices and shipments. Compiere also provides intuitive, role-based management dashboards with drill-down capabilities. Dashboards include standard charts, graphs and KPIs, so you can use them out-of-the-box or easily create and customize new dashboards—no programming needed.

Compiere Partner Network

The Compiere Partner Network includes authorized partners: System Integrators, Value-Added Resellers, Independent Software Vendors and Technology companies that provide products, services and implementations that enhance Compiere business solutions.
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Industry-oriented Open Source and Java Solution integrator expertise with J2EE application design

Headquartered in Belgium and subsidiaries in Luxembourg, France, Switzerland and Tunisia. We have strong experience in ERP implementation and a deep knowledge of Europe local requirements.

Consulting includes multiple areas such as ERP and e-Business as well application design, development and deployment

Our challenge: integrate the best open-source components to provide you with a complete solution fulfilling your needs, increasing your competitiveness at a fraction of the current market prices.

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Specialist in the development and security of IT infrastructures for more than 25 years at your service

We take care of your à la carte information system so that you can take care of your business with peace of mind.

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Unleash the power of open source software for your company

We believe that any software should be fitted to your company's processes and not the other way around. One of the great advantages with open source is that you have access to the source code, and so ultimately the application can be fitted to your needs.

Helping customers who had their own IT department as well as customers with no IT department at all

Sodexis can provide you with support at the level you require, depending on the size and depth of your organization. We believe that your success is our success and that drives us to be passionate about your business.

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Tenth Planet

Experienced delivering Compiere services to customers across the globe

Situated in Chennai, India, Tenth Planet is one of the leading open source ERP implementation companies; helping customers implement and integrate value-oriented ERP business solutions and customizing them according to their needs.

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Find answers to the most common implementation questions and learn if your business is ready for Compiere ERP and CRM open source software as your global business solution.

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