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Accelerate Growth With Purpose-Built Equipment Dealer Management ERP

Tailored for sales, rental and service businesses, our ERP for equipment dealers offers comprehensive industry-specific functionality and specialized features that generic solutions simply cannot match.

Say goodbye to generic ERP solutions and accelerate your growth today with Aptean Equipment ERP.

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Forklift machine transporting barrels

Transformative Tools and Capabilities for Your Equipment Operation

Equipment Sales, Rental and Services

For equipment sales, leasing and parts, our ERP offers specialized solutions to manage sales, inventory, logistics, warehousing and supply chain in one integrated application. For rental businesses, we provide real-time insight into the availability and service history of the fleet along with tools to manage the entire lifecycle of your products. We also help companies manage every aspect of their equipment service business—from in-house repair and on-site mobile services to outsourced fleet management and certification programs.

Full-Featured Performance

Aptean Equipment ERP offers all the sales, purchasing, operations, accounting and inventory management features found in Microsoft Dynamics—plus much more. We’ve developed hundreds of features that support equipment services, parts, sales, rental availability, manufacturer data integration and operations, to name just a few. Adopting such a specialized, full-featured platform reduces implementation cost, risk and time to rapidly accelerate your return on investment.

End-to-End Management

Our enterprise management software will help you manage the entire lifecycle of equipment from purchase to disposition. From the moment machinery and parts land on your dock until products are delivered to your customer, Aptean Equipment ERP is there, helping manage every aspect of your business.

Leveraging Data and Analytics

Aptean Equipment ERP runs on the Microsoft Cloud platform and provides the accessibility, scalability and reliability that you need. Whether employees are in the front office, working on the warehouse floor or out on the road, they can access and analyze the critical data that drives your business.

Tailored Solutions for Equipment Dealer Management

Experience unmatched insight for equipment sales, rentals and service businesses with Aptean Equipment ERP. Our solution, built by industry experts with first-hand knowledge, allows you to account for all equipment and parts throughout the product life cycle in addition to simplifying field service call management.

Our equipment ERP is purpose-built to solve these challenges:

  • Poor Visibility: Gain comprehensive visibility into inventory and maintenance needs, ensuring you're always equipped to meet customer demands.

  • Inefficient Field Service Management: Streamline field service operations from initiation to resolution, maximizing productivity and customer satisfaction.

  • Paper-Based Processes: Transition to a paperless environment to prevent data loss and maintain consistent, real-time reporting.

Harness the power of Aptean Equipment ERP to streamline your operations, enhance productivity and increase profitability.

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Purpose-Built Features for Equipment Dealers

Equipment Lifecycle Management

On top of all the features built to enhance sales, leasing, rental, parts and services, our tailored ERP allows you to monitor the entire life cycle of your equipment and related components from acquisition to disposal (including warranty information, maintenance and depreciation schedules). You’re also empowered to improve equipment maintenance and ensure optimal availability, reduce unplanned failures and optimize long-term profitability.

Assembly, Manufacturing and Logistics

Equipment production can make or break your business. Aptean Equipment ERP understands this and allows you to manage the assembly or production of equipment for sales or rental, including jobs, scheduling, allied, bill of materials supply forecasting and demand management. For logistics, the system makes it simple to manage everything related to equipment sales and rental, parts, shipping and service work orders and dispatch.

Warehouse, Inventory and Parts Management

Your inventory and the work going on in your warehouse are the heart of your business. Stay on top of it all with real-time, detailed inventory and warehouse data that is tied to your sales, parts, service and rental revenue centers. And with Aptean Equipment ERP, you can also add a new level of control to managing your OEM and aftermarket replacement parts business, including purchase orders, replenishment, inventory and warehousing data.

CRM, Reporting and Analytics

Because customer relationships are critical, Analytics for Aptean Equipment ERP offers data-driven methods to manage sales and marketing activities. Drill down into customer accounts, rental and purchase histories, and delivery schedules for detailed information. And to make sure that data is embedded in everything you do, we also provide the ability to measure business performance by product and business line as well as create accurate forecasts with both real-time and historical sales and costing data.

Financial Management

Beyond adding layers of operational control, our ERP system empowers you to run every aspect of your company's financials using enterprise-class accounting software that can scale up to manage multiple locations, currencies and lines of business.

Cloud ERP

Aptean Equipment ERP resides in the cloud. This allows equipment dealers to connect with the application running their business wherever they go while offering enhanced security, integrated data and mobility across any device.

Ready to Serve Your Equipment Industry Segment

Every segment in equipment rental, sales and service has its own unique challenges. We offer solutions for equipment companies that includes pre-built functionality specific to their industry.

Aerial lifts

Aerial Lift

Equipment dealers offering aerial work platforms, articulating booms, scissor lifts, skytraks, telescopic booms, vertical masts, tele-handlers, trailers, overhead cranes.

Scissor lift equipment
Tractor on farm


Equipment dealers offering farm equipment including tractors, scoop-and-carry scrapers, tillers, cutters, and combines

Excavator in desert


Equipment dealers offering excavators, bulldozers, earthwork trucks, and other heavy construction equipment.

Lift truck in warehouse

Material Handling

Equipment dealers offering lift trucks, storage, conveyors, hand trucks and carts, and allied systems.

Lift truck
Electrical technicians

Power Generation

Equipment dealers offering gas, diesel or electric-powered generators: on-site standby, portable, or storm/emergency backup.

Portable battery generator
Man on a tablet standing in front of semi trucks

Truck, Trailer and Intermodal

Equipment dealers offering over-the-road trailers, storage trailers, on-site containers, other forms of truck, trailer equipment, rail cars, shipping containers.

Cargo containers
Oil mining equipment

Resources and Municipal

Dealers offering vehicles and equipment for municipalities, mining, forestry, and oil and gas.

Municipal garbage truck

Ready to transform your equipment dealer business?

We’ve got the specialized industry software to help your organization thrive.