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Ready to Fully Embrace Digital Transformation With Food ERP

Aptean Food & Beverage ERP SI Edition provides modular food software purely created for the perishable food processing environment.

With the inbuilt flexibility of modular design, scale up whenever you’re ready—future-proofing your solution from day one.

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Inbuilt Flexibility.

Future-Proof Design.

Why Modular Food ERP

The one size-fits-all ERP solution hasn’t ever been the panacea to resolving complex food manufacturing process improvements and gaps. Invariably, this approach leads to a plethora of work-around solutions.

Either select the complete solution or choose the modules that meet your current challenges. In addition, third party software integration is also available, wherever you need it. As your operations grow, your solution can grow with it, by adding further expert applications.

Real-time Shop Floor Data Capture

By using our modular approach, a MES solution will always be built to fit your food business for any segment of the food processing industry.

With the combination of our modular food ERP and real-time planning software applications, driven by our renowned, fully-integrated shop floor data capture, our transformative solution is built to scale-up with your demand and growth.

Flexibility, Security and Scalability

With our SaaS deployment option, you can rest easy knowing that you’re on Aptean Cloud. With 99.9% uptime and disaster protection, your data is readily available and backed up. Being in the cloud, you will have the flexibility to securely access your data from anywhere and ensure your system is up-to-date—gone are days of time-consuming upgrades.

“By using Aptean’s software to validate recipe make up, we’re ensuring that the right ingredients, at the right quantities are issued to manufacture products. This results in greater consistency for quality and improved traceability.”

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Aptean Advantage

With Aptean, we add our expert's direct industry experience of food manufacturing and reporting to give you data driven insights that are proven to deliver performance improvements across business operations. From abattoir management to software for pet food and bird seed manufacturing, Aptean has your food sector covered with the unrivalled knowledge provided by our specialist team.

The result? “One version of the truth” from every interaction, every process, every ingredient and operation, delivering digital operational control from supply chain right through to the customer; enabling your food manufacturing business to be more collaborative, efficient, profitable and responsive.

Reach out today to see our food ERP in action in a personalized demo for your specific food industry sector.

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Food Manufacturing Modular ERP Software

Shop Floor Data Capture and MES

Transform your food manufacturing processes with MES and Shop Floor Data Capture eliminating inefficiencies, improves productivity and drives real-time decision making for continuous improvement.

Bill of Materials

Within Aptean’s Cost Modelling module, Bill of Materials maps out all product relationships for both reduction specifications and combination specifications. Bill of Materials details raw material conversions to work in progress (WIP) and finished goods products.

Cost Modelling

What margin will I make today? How much does it really cost to make my products? Our Cost Modelling software has the power to solve many of today’s food manufacturing planning challenges. Automate calculations to achieve continuous and accurate data to help prevent overspend and unearth savings, wherever they can be made.

Sales Order Processing

Aptean's highly configurable Sales Order Processing software has been developed to meet the operational requirements of any food manufacturing business. Features include customer templates, shopping baskets, historical sales by customer, promotions, multiple price lists, 3-tier pricing, draft orders, full audit trail, credit limits, CRM, rebates, reporting on demand and much more.

Purchase Order Processing

Efficiently create new purchase orders for raw materials, dry goods ingredients, packaging, services, non-stock items and consumables. Choose delivery time slots, units of measure and color code based on delivery status.

EDI Processing

Expedite customer sales orders with Aptean's EDI processing. By using EDI or web portals, empower your customers to directly place and self-validate orders. Make the most of our pre-priced product order templates, that are proven to eliminate errors that often occur when sales orders are placed.

Stock Control and Warehouse Management

Transform your warehouse management with an instant view of on-hand stock, available stock and shelf life status across multiple sites.

Production Management

Build your daily plan in minutes, based on sales forecasts and known patterns; control multi-stage processes; measure operational efficiencies and uncover the best use of labor and raw materials to drive more profitable margins.

OCM, Weighing and Labelling

Validate and label finished goods, maintain batch number traceability and create stock. With accurate and verified content for labels, options include: branded label design, barcode labels, on-demand & online labels, variable labelling for catch and fixed-weight products, pallet and case labelling.

Sales Forecasting

To deliver optimum sales forecasts, a food manufacturer needs to have an overview of all business management processes and access to accurate data to enable informed decisions, including sales predictions over time, and variables, such as seasonality and grade of the product.

Materials Requirements Planning MRP

With Aptean's Stock and Order MRP software, take a lean manufacturing approach to food production stock management, with a real-time view to manage raw materials, WIP, packaging and more. Having the right stock available at all times is vital to the success of any food producer. Too much can lead to downgrades and waste, too little will mean shorting orders and unhappy customers.

Production Planning

Aptean's food production planning provides a real-time view of scheduling, dynamic planning and allows you to make last minute changes, no matter when they happen during the day. Identify live issues and calculate the knock-on effects to production time and lines, raw materials, crew, packaging requirements and even vehicle departure times.

Active Dashboards

Aptean's Active Dashboards have the power to interpret real-time KPI data from across the food factory in a graphical and engaging way, that will benefit every operational area. This knowledge-led approach and our food manufacturing dashboards, shine a light on all areas of the business to drive informed and positive decision making and continuous process improvements within the food factory.

Advanced Reporting and Analysis

Aptean's range of SQL dynamic reports transforms data into insights, delivering advanced reporting on demand. Configure our powerful reporting and analysis tools to highlight opportunities for business improvements and investments, and monitor food manufacturing issues, such as frequent line downtime or poor throughput.

Price Maintenance

As a feature within Aptean's Sales Order Processing software (SOP), the Price Maintenance feature stores complex pricing by stock code, standard and promotional pricing for each customer. It also handles offset weeks, where the customer pricing week does not coincide with the supplier pricing week. Even when multiple lists are in place, SOP automatically picks the correct pricing.

Raw Material Intake

Manage raw material intake your way, with Aptean’s Purchase Order Intake screen. Validate goods received and update purchase orders in real-time; create batch codes, capture weights, tares and all food industry measurements; ensure completion of all mandatory QA and traceability information; produce labels and assign to stock, and more.

Production Scheduling

Using your finished goods forecast and sales orders, plan and schedule the more efficient way to make products, assign production lines, crewing levels, use raw materials and packaging, manage multi-stage processes and more.

Perishable Food Sectors

Select the relevant industry panel to find out how Aptean can help your food processing business to be more productive—and profitable.

Abattoir Management

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Abattoir Management

With nearly three decades of experience, our abattoir management software is a market-leader. In fact, in addition to managing a high percentage of the UK beef kill, we are established as the largest abattoir management software supplier in Scotland.

Discover more on Abattoir Management Software

Bakery & Cake Manufacturing

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Bakery & Cake Manufacturing

Your bakery & cake manufacturing operations will be transformed with Aptean. Our software controls every process, including; mapping out combination specifications, scanning to batches, mixing, making-up, baking, cooking, cooling and even slicing.

Discover more on Bakery & Cake Manufacturing

Catering Butchers & Food Service

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Catering Butchers & Food Service

When high product proliferation and thousands of orders are the challenges that your business faces each day, our food software suite will provide you with superior planning and control across every process.

Discover more on Catering Butchers & Food Service

Cheese & Dairy

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Cheese & Dairy

Monitoring the cheese make, managing maturation and grading, yield and giveaway, retail pack and distribution. Our know-how and specialist cheese make and processing software will add value to every one of your processes.

Discover more on Cheese & Dairy

Fish & Seafood

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Fish & Seafood

From catch to consumer, Aptean helps food processors to thrive. We work with some of the UK’s leading fish and seafood processors, applying our industry software to deliver processing efficiencies, productivity gains and improved margins.

Discover more on Fish & Seafood

Fresh Produce

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Fresh Produce

With nearly three decades of expertise, our food planning, ERP and MES modular software is a great fit for the challenges of the fresh produce sector.

Discover more on Fresh Produce

Meat Processing

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Meat Processing

Looking for ways to improve the value chain, reduce hanging stock and freezer costs, or reduce the opportunity for downgraded meat? Our clever meat processing software solutions set is proven to deliver efficiencies throughout the industry.

Discover more on Meat Processing

Pet Food & Bird Seed Manufacture

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Pet Food & Bird Seed Manufacture

From managing dry or wet dog food on different lines to combining data on multiple mix processes for bird feed. Aptean's software solution provides the same superior real-time controls as we deliver for other sectors of the food manufacturing industry.

Discover more on Pet Food & Bird Seed Manufacture

Poultry Processing

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Poultry Processing

From kill, grading, through to retail pack, our software can capture all poultry processing KPIs. Our real-time reporting will help your poultry processing business reveal a detailed understanding kill grades, yields, WIP and finished product stock levels.

Discover more on Poultry Processing

Recipes & Ingredients

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Recipes & Ingredients

Every recipe, ingredient & mix, process & trace, controlled in real-time. Digitally transform your recipe-managed business with Aptean ingenuity applied.

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Snack Food Manufacturing

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Snack Food Manufacturing

Whether it’s prepping, chopping, frying, extruding, or additional controlling flavor ingredients–every process must be accounted for. Our software solution delivers impeccable production and quality controls.

Discover more on Snack Food Manufacturing

Ready to start transforming your business?

We’ve got the specialized food ERP solutions you need to conquer your industry challenges.

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