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The combined knowledge and experience of our team ensures that your ERP solutions are the right match for your business. In2grate business solutions helps you to improve supply chain visibility and transparency, with our support every step of the way.

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Why In2grate?

Software is just one aspect of a successful ERP project. We help discrete manufacturers solve problems and set their business up for long-term growth by delivering the right ERP product with the best implementation approach.

Aptean In2grate ERP Implementation Overview

Infor XA for discrete manufacturing

Infor XA is a dedicated ERP system for discrete manufacturers with deep, comprehensive functionality - a robust, reliable solution running on the IBM Power System platform, favoured by banks and other security-conscious organisations.

The XA solution is on its fourth generation of technology. 35 years of development have gone into creating a product that excels in improving performance and driving business growth for discrete manufacturers.

Infor's product combines solid history with innovative features to equip your manufacturing business for the future, including embedded social networking and advanced integration capabilities.

Infor XA has the flexibility to support all manufacturing types, including engineer to order, project or contract manufacturing, configure to order, make to order, make to stock and repetitive schedules.

Infor XA contains all the core modules needed by manufacturers to excel in an increasingly competitive environment, including:

  • Financial management

  • Asset management

  • Supply chain management

  • Custom relationship management

  • Mobile and social media

  • Business intelligence, reporting and analytics

The In2grate team can ensure your organisation maximises the powerful tools at your disposal when you choose Infor XA.

Jobscope ERP for order-driven manufacturing

Jobscope is the ERP manufacturing software of choice for thousands of businesses in project-based and order-driven manufacturing sectors. It is designed to help you optimise, plan, track and synchronise all project tasks, from estimating to installation and after-sales service.

We help businesses that specialise in engineer to order, make to order and project manufacturing to improve performance and increase revenues with Jobscope, an ERP solution that is as specialised as their processes.

As the global partner for Jobscope, and with over 20 years of ETO experience, In2grate is ideally placed to help these manufacturers address the unique challenges of their industry with a system that was designed specifically for them.

Jobscope is a feature-rich ERP system that supports the efficient and profitable management of order-driven manufacturing processes. Our team of consultants use their product knowledge and first-hand experience of ETO manufacturing environments to implement a system that delivers maximum benefits.

Jobscope benefits at a glance:

  • Real time contract costing, project costing and job costing separate from General Ledger

  • Separation of estimating BOM, engineering BOM and production manufacturing BOM

  • Purchase materials directly to job, project or contract

  • Engineering and installation task planning, tracking and costing

  • Import BOMs from any CAD package

"JOBSCOPE's flexibility and In2grate's knowledge have really proved their worth to our business and the bottom line."

Matt CorkerMDNASH Mechanical Seal Services

Our Consultants and Their Expertise

Our approach is based on understanding your business and your processes. We know the challenges of discrete manufacturing inside out - but we'll also take the time to understand the unique way you do business. That means getting on site, talking to your people and seeing first-hand how you operate, before we recommend any kind of solution.

Our implementation consultants are more than just IT experts - many of them have manufacturing backgrounds and direct experience of how systems need to work on the factory floor. Before moving into the world of business systems, several of them worked in production management for companies manufacturing train carriage air conditioning units, industrial boilers, and switches and signals used in power stations to name a few.

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Extended ERP for Critical Business Functions

ERP Implementation - Phase 1

We start the ERP implementation process with a business process review, when all business functions are discussed with your user representatives and core project team. A report that contains all changes and additions, estimates, costs and a schedule of all subsequent project phases is then produced. At the end of the business process review phase, we assess your requirements against budget and timescales.

Rapid implementation is made possible by our templated approach. We can install a pre-defined, pre-configured version of your ERP software, developed by our internal product experts, to get the system up and running before any custom modifications are made.

ERP Extensions - Phase 2

An ERP system lies at the heart of every successful manufacturing organisation. However, other business-critical functions will often revolve around it. Extending the reach of your ERP system into these areas will create a leaner, more efficient organisation through increased visibility and less duplication of effort.

Our consultants have the knowledge and expertise to connect key business functions with your ERP platform. Whether your situation requires custom software development or the integration of a third-party application, we can recommend the right approach for your manufacturing business.

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