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Ready for Comprehensive Flexible Packaging Software

Fully integrate your flexible packaging business with Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Flex-Pack Edition to improve your manufacturing processes and operational efficiency.

Keep your finger on the pulse of production with this complete set of applications, adaptable in both single and mixed-mode manufacturing environments.

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Flexible packaging for liquids

Packaging Software.

Industry Functionality.

Features Right Out of the Box

We understand the complex needs and standards unique to the flexible and rigid packaging industry. Don’t laboriously modify another solution to fit what you need. The following features come standard:

  • Cost Estimating

  • Production and Shop Floor Reporting

  • Shipping/Returns

  • Inventory/Bar Coding

  • Purchasing

  • Invoicing/Accounting

Designed for Your Industry

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Flex-Pack Edition is a completely integrated ERP solution with advanced features designed specifically for the following packaging manufacturing applications:

  • Blown Film Extrusion

  • Stand Up Pouches

  • Folding Cartons

  • Corrugated Packaging

  • Printing

  • Laminating

Automate Workflow and Gain Total Visibility and Control of Your Operation

  • Specialized quoting functionality for volume pricing, calculated on margin or mark-up using all standard units of measure

  • Integrated processes such as converting, printing, mounting, extrusion, slitting and laminating

  • Custom product “built” by defining length, width, gusset and more

  • Set resin and additive formulations for single and co-extrusion processes

  • Work order integrated with shop floor using Touch Screen Technology with back flushing

  • Complete traceability by barcoding, from extrusion through converting and from receipt of raw materials to shipment of finished goods

  • Multiple units of measure for inventories of raw materials, finished goods, and works-in-progress

  • Automated shipping by roll, box, or skid using the full bar-coding features of the system

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Bring Your Packaging

Operations Up to Speed

With ERP Technology.

Make to Order

With Make to Order, products are manufactured based on customer orders and work orders are created directly from the customer. Flexible production order processing and prioritization is a must for the flexible packaging industry. In many cases, components are purchased specifically to produce products for customers.

Make to Order Features:

  • Production work orders automatically generated from sales orders

  • Online printing, faxing, and emailing of sales documents

  • Manage ink blends and artwork for multi-color printing, up to 10 colors/layers

  • User-defined cost groups

  • Wireless issues of inventory items to production orders

  • Wireless shipping and receiving

  • Real time inventory updates

Job Shop

In a job shop production environment, your company might need to perform a service for customers such as packaging printing services and/or producing a folding carton, blow molding or any other product. There is typically a short turnaround time for customer orders, with a high emphasis placed in job status reporting and accurate labor and materials costing to the job. With Job Shop, you assure tight inventory control and ability to buy parts and materials for your flexible packaging manufacturing business.

Job Shop Features:

  • Sales orders automatically generated from quotes

  • Production work orders automatically generated from sales orders

  • Reporting bills at last cost

  • Extensive routing definitions capability

  • Extensive online inquiry of job status

  • Complete shop travelers with optional bar coding

  • Extensive variance reporting of actual against estimate

Make to Stock

With Make to Stock, you have the capability to have the product manufactured to completion before the receipt of a customer order. Items and quantities are typically based on a forecast of demand. Make to Stock gives you the advantage of short lead times for shipping product and very well defined production methods and times.

Make to Stock Features:

  • Demand driven by sales forecast

  • Inventory visibility across multiple warehouses

  • Automatic Generation of Planned Production and Purchase Requisitions

  • Cycle counting, inventory tags and import from mobile devices

  • Inventory Order Point and Min/Max reorder management

  • Global replacement of components

Shop Floor

With Shop Floor, your business will be able to enter data in real time, straight from the shop floor. Track production, labor, set-up and downtimes. Manage WIP and finished goods inventory as well as scrap and back finishing.

Shop Floor Features:

  • Touch screen technology

  • Fully integrated with other Traverse modules

  • Ease of movement between screens from log-in thru job specs

  • Multiple users can be logged on the same machine at the same time

  • Multi Level security

  • Integrated bar code label generation

  • Track inventory from raw material thru finished goods

Custom Manufacturing

With Custom Manufacturing, your company can maintain tight inventory control and the ability to buy just-in-time materials for the job. This environment typically has the longest lead time.

Custom Manufacturing Features:

  • Buy to the capabilities

  • On-account deposits tracking

  • Extensive variance reporting of actual against estimate

  • Revenue and profitability reporting by project

  • Requisitioning of components from inventory

  • Labor capture

Advanced Analytics

Featuring a robust data reporting warehouse, Advanced Analytics enables interactive visualization, reporting and analysis of your data from any device (mobile or PC) anywhere in your business.

Graphing, sorting and drilling into your critical business information in any way, combined with robust pre-built reports, metrics and KPIs provides an essential tool for analyzing your flexible packaging or plastic manufacturing business.

Ready to transform your business?

We’ve got the specialized industry software to help your organization thrive.

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