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Ready for Nonprofit Accounting ERP

While your mission statement drives your nonprofit organization’s activities, tight budgets are a never ending concern. Your unique needs set you apart from commercial entities, but they are no less complex as you are tasked with providing the maximum services to your constituencies with limited resources.

Enter Aptean. You help others, let us help you.

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Critical Software

For Your Organization

Unique Needs for Nonprofit Organizations

With a business-like approach to finance functionality, NFP accounting software should be flexible enough to handle the requirements of both fund and traditional accounting, be able to streamline budget processes and meet often complex reporting requirements.

Fund accounting software features are designed to process, record and report information from a variety of sources and allocate expenditures related to the organizational mission. Donor rosters, outstanding pledges from prospective donors, international projects and currencies, management and accounting for multiple projects, varying reporting periods, report requirements for multiple external and internal parties may apply based on the needs of the nonprofit.

Focus On What's Important

With worries related to your organization's increasing needs, shrinking budgets, limited resources, time constraints—and competition with other nonprofits for donations and volunteers—you want a simple solution to maintain and increase your nonprofit’s success.

Aptean Not For Profit ERP is the solution you need to continue to impact your community and the world, rather than spend time worrying about fund accounting rules and standards. With a scalable solution in hand, you can focus on delivering better programs and services, finding or strengthening relationships with supporters, or whatever you need to meet and exceed your organizational goals.

Minimize Overhead by Utilizing Software That Can Accurately Handle All Your Contributions

Aptean Not For Profit ERP provides a robust set of NFP accounting features in an intuitive, easy-to-use product including modules for General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Payroll applications, and has the fund accounting features frequently requested by nonprofit organizations. You’ll have the resources to improve financial management practices, increase flexibility in financial reporting and streamline your tracking process for expenses.

  • Seamlessly export reports to Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel and Outlook with just a click

  • Easily email your budget or financial statements to the board

  • Create unlimited funds, programs, grants, activities, departments and divisions all in one place

  • Tag an account as active or inactive so that your chart of accounts does not show inactive accounts, grants or activities

  • Easily track restricted, temporarily restricted and unrestricted funds and provide reports on their activity with automatic creation of due to/from entries as part of the process

  • Save valuable time with cross-fiscal-year reporting for financial reports and grants, conveniently located in the General Ledger

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Control All Aspects of Your NFP Finances

Additional Nonprofit Accounting Software features:

  • Generate statements formatted to satisfy FASB 117 reporting requirements

  • Create financial reports that span multiple fiscal years

  • Perform seamless data imports

  • Use intercompany accounts to simplify transfers between multiple companies

  • Allocate transactions by account segments or account ID

  • Fund accounting option available

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Aptean Has Your NFP Accounting Covered

No matter what your organization is doing to make a difference, Aptean Not For Profit ERP offers detailed visibility to all of your financial information. Whether you’re focused on preserving natural resources in your own backyard or providing medical care around the world, NFP software provides the transparency to keep interested parties in the know, as well as meet all of your required reporting needs.

Nonprofits that Aptean Not For Profit ERP accounting software can help:

  • Religious and faith-based entities

  • Philanthropic and charitable organizations

  • Social welfare and community groups

  • Educational and research nonprofits

  • International agencies and NGO’s

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