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Ready for All-in-One Manufacturing ERP

Modernize your factory floor and streamline your production, sales and supply chain with Aptean Unity ERP.

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Take Your Business

Forward, Faster

Optimize Capacity

Ensure demand is matched efficiently to your resources with our smart planning tools for capacity and priorities—fed by factory floor data—and easily manage vehicle loading and deliveries.

Transform Productivity

Transform how your managers identify and respond to priorities and problems. Our exclusive SmartRole interface is action-focused, role-based and eradicates the blind spots of traditional manufacturing software.

Declutter Your Documents

Eliminate paperwork from quotation to invoice with auto-generated documents. Plus, attach drawings, contracts and more, directly into Unity to enjoy secure version control and remote access.

Embrace Mobility

Speed up key processes with Aptean Unity ERP running on your mobile devices: smartphone, tablet or handheld. Plus, take advantage of role-focused apps for sales, inventory and beyond.

Maximize Your Manufacturing Enterprise

Take your business forward faster without the struggles caused by managing multiple, disparate systems. 

Aptean Unity ERP is the all-in-one manufacturing solution to maximize your production capacity, reduce waste and increase your control of profitability and customer service. 

Whether you’re an engineering group or an independent furniture maker, we have you covered with software you can grow into, not out of. 

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Aptean Unity ERP


Operations Hub

Optimize your stock, scheduling, production and quality control to ensure your operation is a ‘smart factory’—including factory floor touchscreens (SFDC).

Commerce Hub

Streamline how you manage complex quotations, pricing, order management, sales channels or CRM activities—all within our easy-to-use system.

Supply Chain Hub

Manages and boosts the performance of your procurement, vendors, subcontractors, carriers, vehicle fleets and more.

Finance and Control Hub

Provides with you control via management reporting, workflows, access controls and of course fully integrated Finance and Human Resources capabilities.

Microsoft Office Integration

Using Excel, Outlook and Word is commonplace, so Aptean Unity ERP gives you access to its reports and data directly from your Office applications—ensuring your staff use accurate, real-time data in every task.

Full Technical Support

Downtime damages your trading so Aptean protects you with cost effective yet smart IT infrastructure solutions—tailored exclusively for manufacturing SMEs. From your network to your servers through disaster recovery, talk to us first for competitive IT solutions.

Ready to start transforming your business?

We’ve got the specialized ERP solutions you need to conquer your industry challenges.