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Ready for Wholesale Distribution Software

Developed for the way your business operates, integrating with key wholesale associations, enabling you to provide the best service to your customers.

Aptean Distribution ERP SWORDS Edition provides a single, integrated platform to streamline processes, improve visibility and support business growth.

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Increase Sales While Reducing Costs for

Your Wholesale Business

Improve Efficiency

Integrate all business operations, from back-office to delivery of customer orders. Whether you reduce time-consuming stock-takes with WMS or process more orders in a day with fast access to customer information, our distribution ERP provides the tools you need to increase productivity.

Reduce Costs

Reduce administrative overheads while improving customer service. Enable your staff to work faster and more accurately to help realize more savings. Optimize route planning along with less processing delivery errors and other costs due to re-delivery and collections.

Gain Control

Aptean Distribution ERP SWORDS Edition delivers complete control and visibility of your accounts as well as warehouse activity. All from one easy to use platform, monitor your business finances with real-time information on sales, combining your cash book, purchase and nominal ledgers. Consolidate your relationships with many supplies and track stock accurately with one solution.

Support Growth

Drive business growth with additional sales channels such as web ordering to maximize business from existing customers and attract new customers and sales opportunities. You can increase convenience by allowing your customers to place orders online, 24/7 with eCommerce for Aptean Distribution ERP SWORDS Edition.

Fully Scalable System to Grow with Your Wholesale Business

Discover the distribution software designed specifically for the delivered wholesale and cash and carry industry.

Sales Ordering and Telesales

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Sales Ordering and Telesales

Increase responsiveness in your sales operation with accurate real-time information

With sales order processing and telesales software, your staff can complete high volume order processing with speed, efficiency and clarity.

More Sales Ordering and Telesales


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Manage a cost-effective stock purchasing process

Deliver quick and effective stock replenishment forecasting, delivering tangible cost and time savings through automation of processes.

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Cash and Carry Tills

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Cash and Carry Tills

Improve customer service at the tills with a fast, efficient checkout service

Improve the speed of till processing, boost customer experience and increase checkout efficiency via one single, integrated platform.

More Cash and Carry Tills

Stock and Warehouse Management

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Stock and Warehouse Management

Take control of your warehouse and increase accuracy in your stock control

Deliver an effective and accurate stock control system for your warehouse, providing you with real-time stock data and stock-tracking information.

More Stock and Warehouse Management

Radio Frequency WMS

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Radio Frequency WMS

Transform your warehouse operations with improved stock visibility and efficient order picking

The RF system delivers significant increases in efficiency and productivity to your stock control and picking operations, as well as increasing accuracy in goods-in.

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Voice Directed WMS

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Voice Directed WMS

Dramatically reduce picking errors and increase warehouse productivity

Use speech recognition for accurate hands-free order picking and intelligent routing to save time and increase the number of orders picked.

More Voice Directed WMS

Bonded Warehousing

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Bonded Warehousing

Complete trust and full compliance for your bonded warehouse

Enable complete traceability and accurate reporting; helping you to achieve HMRC compliance and giving you the platform to maximise efficiency for processing bonded stock.

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Integrated Financials

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Integrated Financials

Single view of your company finances

Deliver a full accounting audit trail and management accounts when combining your cash book, sales, purchase and nominal ledgers.

More Integrated Financials

Other tools to drive your wholesale digital transformation

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence software enables you identify trends, analyse and transform your data into valuable business information.

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Make ordering faster and easier for your customers. Grow sales whilst saving time and streamlining your operations.

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Routing and Scheduling

Now integrated with Aptean Routing & Scheduling Paragon Edition, SWORDS ERP makes it easier to cut route planning costs, optimize vehicle utilization, reduce planning time, increase efficiencies overall and improve customer service.

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Van Sales

Improve delivery times, touch more customers and allow your van sales team to work more efficiently.

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