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Food Manufacturer ERP Management Software Solution

From environmental and supply chain pressures to evermore rigorous regulatory and safety demands, food manufacturers are exposed to some of the most challenging and unpredictable operational conditions.

These challenges force food production businesses like yours to find ways to be more dynamic and agile whilst efficient and innovative in their operations.

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“Having EDI integration is crucial to the business to efficiently receive and accurately process thousands of orders every day. We would need an army of administrative staff to achieve this manually, so there is a significant cost saving to the business there.”

Bill BlacoeFinance DirectorD McGhee & Sons

Gain business management insights to boost productivity, reduce waste and improve margins for better profitability.

In addition to accommodating ever-changing consumer health and buying trends, Foodlogik ERP provides food production businesses with the technology and tools to meet the industry requirements of bakery, dairy and food production, including recipe, allergen and additives management, production planning, stock management, traceability, food labelling and regulatory compliance.

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Complete ERP Solution Operational Features

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Sales & Production

Tools to forecast, plan, track and control food production operations from sales and suppliers to goods in and quality.

  • Sales administration

  • Financial management

  • Web sales

  • Weekly and daily forecasting

  • Purchase ordering and supplier invoices

  • Production planning and control

  • Production reporting

  • Quality control

  • EDI


Labelling & Product Specifications

Accurate and comprehensive food technical documentation to meet all regulatory compliance and food labelling requirements, including Natasha’s Law.

  • Product specifications

  • Supplier certifications

  • Allergen management

  • Ingredient declarations

  • Nutritional labelling

  • May contain / Free from

  • Sell by / Use by

  • Allergen and mandatory nutrients reports

  • Quality attribute sheets

  • Label printing

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Recipe Management

Calculate and track product and base mix costs quickly, easily and accurately.

  • Recipe management

  • Recipe costing

  • Recipe version control

  • Health and safety

  • Allergy and additive groups

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Stock & Traceability

Critical real-time insights on stock movements, traceability and stock balances. Minimise stock-outs, maintain traceability and “Survive the Audit!”

  • Full stock management

  • Traceability – lot/batch control

  • Pallet control

  • Stock checking / stock adjustments

  • Conformance compliance

  • Mobile scanners and tablets

  • KPI’s and reporting

Ready for industry-specific solutions that unlock results?

Our specialized dairy ERP system enables organizational improvement that transforms your business.

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