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Elevate Your Operations with a

Spices and Ingredients ERP

As a professional in the sector, you know well that spices and ingredients manufacturers and distributors face challenges particular to the products they sell.

Luckily, Aptean’s industry-specific enterprise resource planning (ERP) system has just the tools you need to succeed.

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An All-in-One Platform that Streamlines Operations and Supercharges Businesses

Packed with Features Tailor-Made for the Spices and Ingredients Segment

At Aptean, we have an in-depth understanding of the different food and beverage segments and their most important considerations. We’ve worked with spices and ingredients companies for decades and put our experience to use in developing our specialized spices and ingredients ERP solution.

The functionalities built into the system are robust and developed with purpose. For complete traceability, automatic data capture lets you maintain and update all important product details in real time, while bi-directional visibility gives you precise information from source to destination and every critical tracking point in between.

Knowing inventory management is also crucial for spices and ingredients organizations, we designed a powerful management module that records details down to the lot level and keeps your supplies at optimal levels by facilitating automatic re-ordering. What’s more, we have you covered on food safety and compliance, with automatic scheduling of internal audits and allergen management features that help prevent contaminations.

And as for quality assurance, you can rest easy knowing that all of your vital checks and evaluations will be conducted correctly and never neglected with the automation and integrations with smart sensors and scales that our ERP offers. Finally, the powerful analytics capabilities of the platform can help you crunch the numbers and find out what’s working well and what needs to be addressed.

Best of all, by going with a unified system that fulfills all your needs, you eliminate knowledge siloes in your business and can better coordinate efforts to realize results. That’s why we think of Aptean’s spices and ingredients ERP as a foundation for excellence.

The Advantages of Choosing an Aptean Solution for Your Business

We pride ourselves on being not just a provider, but a partner to our clients. We’re well-versed in industry best practices and, knowing the ins and outs of the spices and ingredients segment, we designed the following features:

  • Bidirectional, end-to-end traceability tools that capture important information every step of the way

  • Quality assurance via automated checks and integrations with smart sensors and scales

  • Compliance and food safety functions that help prevent errors and keep your operations within regulations

  • Complete inventory management functionality to keep your stock levels optimal and head off critical outages

  • Analytics that take the guesswork out of deciphering your data and generate actionable insights

Spices and ingredients is a popular category right now with the rise of health benefit awareness and a surge in the popularity of cooking meals at home. To seize new opportunities and capitalize on demand, you need to move with agility and confidence—and an ERP solution from Aptean is just the edge your business needs to get ahead.

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Success With Aptean

R.L. Schreiber Modernizes and Moves Forward with an Aptean ERP

For more than 50 years, R.L. Schreiber has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of flavor bases, seasonings, herbs, spices and other culinary ingredients. As the years have passed, the company has expanded and evolved, but leadership identified a widening gap between their technology and the latest, most advanced solutions on the market. To optimize and standardize their processes and consolidate their systems into a single, go-to platform, they choose Aptean’s spices and ingredients ERP.

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