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Ready for Actionable Intelligence With Patch OEE

Patch OEE leverages real-time shop floor data to immediately present actionable intelligence for improvements. The solution provides complete visibility of your production process, allowing you to continuously optimize OEE and attainment of production plans.

Easily increase your production yield and capacity by implementing efficiency measures based on real-time data.

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Real-Time Insight Into Your Production

Patch OEE is a software solution that provides insight into the performance and effectiveness of your entire production process. What are your biggest performance losses across the plant preventing you from producing more product? What is the estimated finish time of production order X on production line A? Which product-machine combination performs best?

A simple connection with your production environment helps provide 100% reliable, real-time information to help analyze the performance of your production process, enabling faster actions and efficiency improvements.

Flexible and Fast Deployment

Patch OEE is powered by the Cloud, accessible via a web browser or a mobile application. In addition, the system can be implemented in just a few weeks, giving you quick access to your production efficiency metrics and analysis, to make agile decisions which can positively impact your bottom line.

Paperless Production Environment

Patch OEE delivers digital insights from production activities, giving a comprehensive breakdown into losses from speed, stoppages and rejects. This observation tool enables you to track compliance and manage exceptions in real-time.

Out-of-the-Box Functionality

Patch OEE is designed with role-specific views and multi-language functionality. Exceptionally easy to use, straight out of the box, without coding or programming. After using this user-friendly tool, you can take immediate action to adjust processes based on the insights from the system.

Big Benefits and Rapid ROI With Patch OEE

Patch OEE is a versatile, centralized and rapidly deployable solution, perfect for any organization looking to standardize their performance management across the plant network. It allows you to bridge the gap between ERP and the automation and control layer on the shop floor, allowing complete visibility into released production runs.

The system is ideal for production companies in the food, beverages, process and industrial manufacturing industries. It can be deployed seamlessly at individual sites or in multi-site enterprises operating a linear, fast-moving production line.

Patch OEE combines advanced features, developed from years of user experience, with a user-friendly design in the cloud. Delivering immediate benefits from day one, Patch OEE ensures a rapid ROI whilst optimizing manufacturing performance.

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Advanced Features to Drive Continuous Improvement

Optimal Plan Attainment and OEE

Patch OEE provides visual insights into your production attainment (Plan vs. Actual) with estimated finish times calculated in the moment based on the existing OEE allowing you to react immediately and adjust for optimal production planning. What’s more, a comprehensive breakdown into the breakdown of total used time, helps to arm planners with the necessary intel to gauge product turnaround times more effectively for different line, shift and product combinations.

Collaboration on the Shop Floor

Within Patch OEE, operator tasks can be embedded within the solution, and can be triggered at predetermined intervals such as every X amount of product produced or every start of run. Enabling greater collaboration through dashboards, your team members in the factory have a direct view of these tasks and actions, to detect and solve problems in real time. It also offers the capability to compare the performance of different teams and to optimize it where necessary.

Labor Productivity

With our solution, you can track and manage the actual productivity of labor throughout the factory to better control labor costs and ultimately factor them into production efficiency.

Insight Into Production and Losses

Patch OEE offers out of the box reporting that provides immediate insights into production state, and the relevant production parameters that have an impact on performance. End users can filter these reports across many different layers and levels to identify key opportunities to reduce costs and unlock hidden capacity.

Promote Continuous Improvement

Drive continuous improvement initiatives across the plant and entire organization by closing the loop between potential and actual improvements. For example, users can drive significant efficiency gains by keeping track of actual cleaning and changeover times, and the reasons into their over runs. These reasons can be aggregated upwards across the site to highlight repetitive issues that need action.

Data-Driven Decisions

In addition to the live dashboards which allow the end user to filter insights across many different layers and levels, our reporting module offers production managers a great alternative to review and consume information in a very standardized and structured manner. For example, the data prep can be reduced down to a single click, as reports can be scheduled into your inbox at predefined times for example at the end of each day, week or month. This provides a powerful means to consume key insights on a regular basis, helping to understand the performance trajectory of the plant.

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