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Ready for Profitability Planning

With our merchandise financial planning, manage every aspect of your budget and map your financial targets into detailed plans the ensure a successful future.

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Powerful. Flexible.

Planning Tools.

Take Charge of Your Future

Our merchandise financial planning tools put you in complete control of budgets, inventory and margins, so you know where you're headed—and if you're on course to reach your targets.

  • Understand each category's potential, based on past results and your current strategic direction

  • Improved synergies across channels for improved customer experiences

  • Powerful in-season management keeps you on course as each season unfolds

Design a Financial Blueprint

Strategic planning and budgeting tools let you view future growth possibilities from any angle, by brand or channel, individually or in any combination.

  • Intelligent calculation engines

  • Plan by attribute

  • Plan by location or customer segment

Optimize Every Day of Every Season

Monitor in-season changes and stay on track to meet your financial objectives.

  • Multiple plan versions and simulations help you see where you're heading

  • Best- and worst-case scenario planning to establish guardrails

Location Plans Keep Every Store Humming

Determine opportunities by store to keep your inventory investments in concert with your merchandise plans.

  • Integrated with Assortment Planning to drive localized ranges

  • Synchronize local budgets with weekly goals and staffing needs

One Data Warehouse. One Solution. Native Integrations.

With Aptean Retail Planning, you receive a foundation with deep experience that's embedded into the platform in the form of best practices gleaned from over three decades in the planning business.

With our modular retail planning platform, you will also experience:

  • Right Experience for the Right User

Combine data and visuals with science and art to get experiences tailored to each user—planner, analyst or merchant.

  • Adaptability through Personalization

A powerful authoring environment adapts to specific customer needs through personalized views, layouts and KPI computations.

  • Best-Suited Data Models

Both Online Analytical Processing for complex multidimensional analysis and purpose-built In-Memory data models deliver speed and flexibility for all planning requirements.

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