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Master Logistics and Transportation Management

Logistics is increasingly recognized as a vital arena of competition and a top-three cost for most companies.

Turn your logistics operations from a headache into a strategic advantage. Let's analyze your supply chain activity together, and we'll show you how we can help you drive supply chain improvement and immediately reduce your costs.

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You Control Your Shipping.

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Your Supply Chain Can Provide Your Competitive Edge

In today’s business world, “seat of your pants” is no way to fly. It’s also no way to ship. From overnight letters to ocean containers, or anything in between, your own transportation management system, or TMS, can put you in control.

A wave of technological innovation is transforming logistics, making visibility and operational control possible at the click of a button. In the past, the benefits of a proprietary TMS were reserved for billion-dollar multinationals. Now, cloud computing and disruptive innovation from Aptean have brought the efficiencies and savings a TMS makes possible to small and midsize shippers.

Combining a powerful, advanced proprietary shipping engine and an intuitive, user-friendly interface, the system enables employees, even those without logistics expertise, to generate immediate cost savings without compromising service.

Your system adapts to any changes—shipping an order is no longer a tedious process. Thanks to interconnected systems, Aptean TMS will pull relevant order data from your ERP system and provide all your carrier options with transit times across modes giving you the power to choose.

Take advantage of rules-based automations including customer notifications with tracking details. Your system will also close out and update the order in the ERP and track the shipments all the way to delivery. Customer service members—with their newly found free time—can now be proactive about managing orders and their status.

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Master Integrated Logistics Management

From C-level and supply chain executives to warehouse managers and IT professionals, we understand your challenges; and when it comes to your supply chain, we can help. The areas we help to manage represent some of the largest expenditures you have.

Consider the following immediate benefits gained from Aptean TMS:

  • Use the system to route inbound vendor shipments

  • Take control of your shipping with centralized planning and local execution

  • Build consolidated loads and analyze cost benefit of a pool distribution

  • Develop metrics to monitor productivity

  • Provide powerful reports to management

  • Implement carrier performance evaluation programs

  • Empower customer service to provide accurate quotes during order entry

Moreover, with a cloud-based TMS, information is available on multiple platforms and locations, from each of your offices or any web-connected device anywhere in the world.

Management by exception can now become a reality. But, don't take our word for it. A personalized demo will allow you to assess with first-hand experience. Reach out and schedule your session with our TMS experts today.

“The fully integrated TMS, provides us order consolidation, rating, routing, BOL creation and automated shipment tendering to carrier. In addition to improved pricing, the TMS provides us with excellent control and complete visibility into our supply chain.”

Dharman HensmanDirector ITChase Corporation

Unprecedented Visibility.

Boosting Your Logistics.

Data Management

Keep your costs in line and ensure logistics vendors are charging correctly. Single-entry efficiency flows through to accounts payable, ERP and general ledger, facilitating "lean and green" accounting practices. Our system lets you capture data for proactive management, generating customized reports to keep you in charge and move your supply chain toward best practices.

Assigning all inbound transportation to COGS and outbound to sales with no differentiation between sales channel/customer/product is a thing of the past. We provide a freight audit service with next generation results—line level GL coding that allocates costs to individual SKUs/divisions/locations/departments and even identifies specific sales campaigns.

Looking at every freight invoice, every line within each invoice, the orders that correspond to that shipment and the items that ship within that order is impossible to perform manually. Our heuristic data cleanup and advanced file matching process can combine several sources of information, from orders to returns, CRM to ERP.

Claims Management

Sometimes, bad things happen to good packages. Even first-rate carriers sometimes accept merchandise tendered to them in pristine condition, and deliver it broken, dented, leaking, exposed to weather, or to the wrong location. Sometimes, the shipment doesn’t arrive at all.

Dealing with cargo claims can be frustrating, time-consuming and unproductive. To ensure you are compensated for the value of your damaged goods, you need experienced professionals on your side.

Claims Management handles your loss from preparing and presenting the initial report to following through, ensuring the carrier responds as required by law, negotiating and collecting your settlement.

We have decades of experience dealing with freight claims, including staff with years on the carrier side. With Claims Management, we not only get you the maximum amount obtainable, we also provide solutions to analyze the impact of claims incurred and minimize losses going forward.

Business Intelligence

Analytics for your supply chain can make the difference between gaining a competitive advantage—and being left behind.

Using our analytics tools, you can look at your logistics practices and your transportation spend in ways and at speeds never before possible. We provide a dashboard of key performance indicators that can give you a snapshot of your logistics operations from any angle you choose. What did we ship 4th quarter this year vs. 4th quarter last year? January vs. January? Cost per order or pounds per order?

Our team of logistics specialists is expert at helping you customize and use your dashboard to focus on the most promising, impactful areas.

Ready to start transforming your business?

We’ve got the specialized TMS solutions you need to conquer your industry challenges.

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