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Shop Floor Execution

Aptean for Industrial Manufacturing

While industrial manufacturers face more complexity than ever, the sector is full of limitless opportunities. There’s never been a better time to optimize operational performance. The pressure to perform, maintain profitability, streamline the supply chain and de-risk business operations has always been there and it's not likely to go away any time soon. Aptean industrial manufacturing solutions deliver increased collaboration, transparency and control across the entire business. Are you ready to harness your resources, streamline your processes and improve your visibility on the shop floor?

As a trusted vendor, we solve the specific challenges you face in order to maximize meaningful outputs every day. With access to real-time data, we give you the confidence, accuracy and visibility to control every aspect of your business. If you're a discrete or industrial manufacturer in any of the following verticals, we have a solution to meet your needs:

Industry-Specific Capabilities

Mixed-Mode Manufacturing

Manage production and supply changes, control operations and adapt with flexibility to planned and unplanned changes in "to order" environments. More

Shop Floor Execution

De-risk your shop floor operations with automation, monitoring, paperless communication and a why-late toolset. More

Real-Time Planning and Scheduling

Create more accurate and dependable plans, efficiently incorporate job schedules into enterprise operations, monitor execution and respond quickly to unplanned events. More

In-depth Order Costing

Interrogate costs for every aspect of your business and monitor profitability at every stage. More

Production Monitoring

Optimize the performance of your machines to create production efficiencies. More

Plant Maintenance

Maximize asset performance while streamlining maintenance planning and scheduling. More

Industry-Specific Solutions

Aptean's industrial manufacturing software solutions drive operational efficiency, deliver increased visibility and enhance business performance.

ERP for Single-Site Manufacturers

Streamline operations, improve efficiencies, manage complexities and scale your enterprise with our industrial manufacturing ERP solution.

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ERP for Multi-Site Manufacturers

Plan, schedule, execute and track your operations with our industrial-strength enterprise solution.

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Enterprise Asset Management

Improve reliability, availability and performance management with our flexible software solutions.

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Use real-time production information and complete visibility to analyze and control the performance of the manufacturing process.

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Industrial Manufacturers Trust Aptean

Metalworking Group Logo


Enhanced visibility to support business growth with automated, streamlined planning and scheduling processes overcoming cumbersome manual practices which lead to difficulty in meeting delivery dates.

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Mondi Business Paper Logo


With disparate IT systems and data accumulating and remaining inaccessible to other parts of the organization, an integrated solution was required to ensure synergy between production and maintenance.

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Boston Centerless Logo


While existing software was lacking analytical features and nearing obsolesence, this upgrade decision led to 20% increase in production while improving and automating business processes.

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Morey's Piers Logo


An outdated legacy system leading to company-wide inefficiencies was replaced with a new solution providing the necessary visibility, functionality and accountability to run a first-class operation.

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Tek Pak Logo


Achieving 80% reduction in labor tracking errors and 75% more accurate inventory records equated to fewer shortages, reduced inventory and increased traceability.

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Constellium Logo


Improved and streamlined operational processes while gaining greater visibility into inventory replaced the struggle with out-dated inventory management processes.

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Industry Highlights

See how our industrial manufacturing software helps solve your unique industry challenges to drive operational success.