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Aptean CRM - CRM Mobile App

Aptean CRM - CRM Mobile App


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Aptean CRM - CRM Mobile App

7 Jan 2020

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Stay Connected on the Go with CRM Mobile Applications

The Aptean CRM mobile app gives you the ultimate flexibility to access your CRM data from anywhere on an iOS or Android device. Get real-time access to customer information, create activities and tasks, view opportunities, manage your to-do list, perform powerful searches and more within a straightforward, easy-to-use mobile interface.

No matter where you are, staying in touch with your customers and keeping an eye on your business has never been easier.

  • More Power in Your Pocket. View company and contact activity history prior to meetings, add or update contact information, schedule appointments, send emails and make phone calls with a single one-click touch.

  • Offline Access. Access your data with or without an internet connection. Aptean Mobile CRM works in real-time with your server while you’re online and with a local database when you’re offline.

  • Boost Productivity. Equip your sales team with the information they need to win more deals, increase customer face time and stay in touch while on the go.

Stay Connected with Our CRM Mobile App

User Friendly Design

Our mobile CRM app is fast to set-up and sync with your data, while its clean and simple user interface makes navigation easy and consistent. From the home springboard, users have quick access to contacts, companies, opportunities, to-do lists and more. Powerful advanced search capabilities help you locate data by providing more criteria options when the single search field is not sufficient.

Keep Your Contacts Close

Aptean mobile CRM software has everything you need to connect with customers and prospects while on the go. Need a contact’s phone number, email or address? No problem. All company and contact information, including complete activity history, is fully accessible. New or updated data is automatically synced with the server so you’ll always have up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Plus, with Aptean mobile, you can make phone calls and send emails directly from the app and quickly record activities about them. Take your to-do list with you and schedule activities for yourself and others on the go.

Manage Your Pipeline

With our mobile CRM app, it’s easy for your sales team to keep their pipeline updated so you’ll always know the status of every opportunity. Your forecasts will remain accurate no matter where your reps are working from. Your pipeline has never been so manageable.

Flexible and Customizable for Your Needs

Like all our applications, our mobile app is configurable to meet your unique needs. Use the same familiar tools to add custom fields, alter data elements and change the user interface. Update and track the same alterations that were made to your Aptean CRM cloud crm or on-premise crm environments.

Want to find out how our customer relationship management software, Aptean CRM, can help your business? Contact us today to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo.

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