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Aptean CRM - Outlook Integration Software

Aptean CRM - Outlook Integration Software


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Aptean CRM - Outlook Integration Software

9 Jan 2020

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Effortless Email Integration
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Get all the benefits of Aptean CRM Software while still using the email program you know and love. Our seamless CRM Software Outlook integration connects your preferred email client to your CRM database so you can manage all your emails and contacts in one place.

From within your Outlook, you can create or open an Aptean CRM activity, access your CRM address book, export contacts to Aptean CRM, sync your schedule, archive emails and more. You can also send emails directly from Aptean CRM, including group emails using the mass assign function.

  • Bi-Directional Syncing. Integration between Aptean CRM and Outlook is bi-directional, so all contacts, emails and activities created in one program are shared with the other.

  • Eliminated Dual Data Entry. So say goodbye to time-consuming double data entry. If you add a contact or send an email in one program, it’s automatically stored in the other.

  • Centralize Communication. Aptean CRM stores all sent and received emails, so accessing them is simple and communication history can be shared with others in your company.

Seamlessly Integrate Outlook and Aptean CRM Software

Manage Your Emails in One Place

Our powerful Outlook CRM integration makes keeping track of emails easier than ever. Aptean CRM automatically stores all sent and received emails under each contact, so communication history is centralized and available to others within your organization. No need to dig through your email folders to share an email – everything is available and visible in real-time.

Don’t Change the Way You Work

We understand change can be difficult and adopting a new technology is no exception. Aptean CRM for Outlook provides a painless solution to make change easier on your staff. Your sales professionals can continue to use the email program they’re comfortable with while you can concentrate on improving efficiency and boosting your collaboration efforts.

Ultimate Flexibility

Our email integration is bi-directional. You can create contacts and send emails directly from either Outlook or Aptean CRM, so there’s no need to switch between programs. All contacts, emails and activities you create in one program are automatically synced with the other.

Easily Send Mass Emails

Want to send an HTML email to a large group of contacts? Our integration allows you to send a beautifully designed email to a group using our mass assign function, while managing responses seamlessly between both applications. Emails can be quickly crafted using our intuitive email designer, which allows you to build professional, eye-catching emails without having to know HTML.

Want to find out how our customer relationship management software, Aptean CRM, can help your business? Contact us today to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo.

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