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Aptean CRM - Sales Pipeline Management

Aptean CRM - Sales Pipeline Management


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Aptean CRM - Sales Pipeline Management

16 Mrt 2020

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Visualize Your CRM Pipeline from Prospect to Customer
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Imagine having complete and total visibility into your sales pipeline so you can quickly identify the details of each opportunity, ensure forecasts are accurate and uncover the best possible opportunities. With Aptean CRM, that’s entirely plausible. Our sales pipeline management functionality is specifically designed for managers to keep track of a large number of leads and drill down into sales metrics to discover pain points, trends and opportunities.

  • View Sales Funnel. You shouldn’t have to guess what your CRM pipeline looks like. Our visual sales funnel reveals opportunities by stage in the sales cycle with drill-down capabilities.

  • Drill Down. Once you have your sales funnel visualized, you’re able to drill down on key segments of the funnel to continuously seek areas of improvement.

  • Structured Selling. Structure your sales process so opportunities progress efficiently through your pipeline, helping guide sales reps through predefined steps through to the final sales.

Powerful Sales Pipeline Management Software

Track Sales from Start to Finish

Your sales pipeline is an important benchmark of your company’s success. It indicates which stage opportunities are at in your sales cycle and, ultimately, where the money is in your sales process. Aptean CRM pipeline management delivers a birds-eye view into exactly what is happening in your pipeline. You’ll always know which stage a prospect is at, if and when you will achieve your sales quotas, and which opportunities require special attention. It also gives you the tools you need to build accurate and reliable forecasts, and better understand how your sales cycle works so you can make changes when necessary.

Create Predefined Workflow Paths

Workflow is entirely in your hands when it comes to automation and creating paths. Aptean CRM’s sales/crm pipeline management software allows you to create pre-defined workflow paths that guide sales reps through a sale from start to finish.

Maintain History for Each Opportunity

Aptean CRM gives you a complete overview of the contact history for each opportunity. This includes activity history, payment history, customer service history, and much more. Since it’s all stored within the same database, you’re able to easily pull opportunity data and view all of the contact history within one location.

Boost Your Selling Efforts

Do you have a complete and accurate visualization of your business’s sales funnel? Aptean CRM comes fully-loaded with comprehensive opportunity management software designed for sales managers to boost productivity. Instead of having your reps spend hours compiling the details of their deals, management can generate an up-to-date opportunity and pipeline forecast with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can also quickly create quotes and maintain a detailed quote history for each opportunity.

Want to find out how our customer relationship management software, Aptean CRM, can help your business? Contact us today to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo.

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