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Aptean Distribution ERP - Profitability Scorecard

Aptean Distribution ERP - Profitability Scorecard


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Aptean Distribution ERP - Profitability Scorecard

7 Jan 2020

Aptean Staff Writer
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Customer, Product and Supplier Profitability

Understanding your company's true profitability used to require hours of manual number crunching. But integrated and industry specific profitability solutions from Aptean Distribution ERP has made it easier. Now, consumer goods companies can access bottom-line profitability in seconds, with the automated tools found in Aptean Distribution ERP.

Our profitability tools enable you to gain a real-time view of profitability accounting for both above-the-line and below-the-line costs, including freight, allowances, chargebacks, commissions, royalties, and more. Powerful financial analysis tools help you see customer, supplier and product margin results on a broad or granular level. And user-defined fields mean you can track an unlimited number of cost drivers that impact your business.

Aptean Distribution ERP includes unique Profitability Scorecard tools to help you access and analyze your customer, supplier and product-level profitability so you can see exactly which elements are driving your business. Trend views display time-sensitive results for a specific group of customers, suppliers or products. While comparative views enable you to analyze results from multiple customers, suppliers or products to determine the real impact of doing business with your partners, so you can see who's helping or hurting your bottom line.

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