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Electronic Proof of Delivery Software: What You Need to Know

Electronic Proof of Delivery Software: What You Need to Know


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Electronic Proof of Delivery Software: What You Need to Know

9 Jun 2021

Jim Endres
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What Is Electronic Proof of Delivery Software?

Installed on various mobile devices, electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) software facilitates paperless data capture in the field. It allows for increased visibility and control of your mobile operatives' activities, including deliveries, collections and service calls.

Traditionally, proof of delivery consisted of a paper delivery note that the customer signed to acknowledge receipt of the goods and allow for invoicing. But, with electronic proof of delivery software, couriers, logistics providers and retailers can collect data beyond the traditional signature, enhancing the customer experience while cutting operational costs.

Industries that have previously had little demand for ePOD software now recognize the potential benefits as modern electronic proof of delivery systems become a must-have technology to improve mobile workforce operations across all industries.

How Does Electronic Proof of Delivery Software Work?

ePOD software is usually split into two components:

  1. A mobile application to collect data in the field

  2. A management portal for office-based staff to add, amend and review data

Mobile workers collect proof of delivery data and any other operational information required throughout the day via the mobile application. Modern proof of delivery systems allow you to choose from a range of mobile devices to suit your operation. All the data captured in the field, including device and location information, is then transmitted back to the central portal in real time.

From the browser-based management portal, office-based teams can create forms and workflows to be followed by mobile workers, set up automated customer contact, send messages to drivers and monitor the live data stream from the field. All necessary staff, such as customer service teams, transportation managers and individual depot personnel, can be given visibility of the field data they require with no additional costs.

Best in breed electronic proof of delivery software also offers a third component to manage day of delivery customer communication. Providing customers with access to a real-time delivery tracking portal allows them to view up-to-date progress on their delivery and effectively plan their day to ensure they are available at the correct time. Improving the final mile experience for them and increasing first time delivery success rates for you. It’s a win-win.

What Types of Data Can Proof of Delivery Software Be Used To Collect?

Advanced electronic proof of delivery software can support various data collection options beyond the traditional signature. From photos and numerical values to customizable forms, the data capture options available should be entirely configurable to your operation and allow you to capture both on-site delivery data and operational information such as vehicle checklists.

What Benefits Can I Expect for My Business?

The first and most obvious of the many benefits of electronic proof of delivery software is the removal of paperwork. The risk of lost or damaged delivery notes is eliminated with a proof of delivery app as all the data is transmitted and stored in real time.

Other commonly reported benefits from our proof of delivery software customers include:

  • Customer service improvements

  • Optimized workforce productivity

  • Enhanced real-time visibility

  • Increased control over mobile processes

For many mobile workforce organizations, the real-time data feed available with proof of delivery software means issues in the field can be identified and resolved quickly. The live POD data can also be used to speed up any subsequent operational processes like invoicing or the rescheduling of failed deliveries.

The electronic capture of all field data in the central portal also facilitates easy trend analysis to underpin continuous improvement. Depending on the chosen solution, mobile processes are user-configurable, allowing you to keep up with the shifting needs of your industry or business without costly software changes. An investment in electronic proof of delivery software will bring measurable short-term benefits and support your business in the future.

If you want to read more about the complete list of benefits you can expect to achieve with proof of delivery software, take a look at our ultimate guide to the benefits of proof of delivery software and discover more.

How Does Electronic Proof of Delivery Software Improve Customer Service?

Providing your customers with an outstanding delivery experience and profitably running an efficient operation can be a challenging balance to maintain. With electronic proof of delivery software, you can simplify your processes, improve service for your customers, and make life easier for your customer service team.

Advanced proof of delivery systems provide automated customer contact functionalities to keep your customers informed throughout the delivery experience. And easy-to-use mobile applications ensure your delivery teams follow consistent on-site processes so that customers are presented with a seamless brand image across all your deliveries. These features:

  • Make the delivery experience easier for your customer

  • Cut inbound call volumes

  • Reduce time-consuming administrative procedures

  • Make the on-site encounter quicker and more professional

The real-time data provided by ePOD software also allows your customer service teams to proactively respond to any exceptions in the field, reducing - and in some cases preventing - impact on the customer.

What Are the Requirements for Implementing Proof of Delivery Software?

The implementation of electronic proof of delivery systems should be simple when compared to large-scale software projects and can be completed within a few weeks of project sign-off. All that you need to consider is the provision of mobile devices for your drivers and the necessary data input availability.

To populate the proof of delivery system with your delivery or service job lists, you will need to ensure you have the relevant data to hand. Integration of this data stream will also need to be accounted for, whether by an in-house team or external provider.

Ready to take the next steps to improve your customer service and delivery operation? Our electronic proof of delivery software can help. Find out how, now.

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