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How Aptean GenomeQuest Helps Law Firms Improve Their IP Strategy

How Aptean GenomeQuest Helps Law Firms Improve Their IP Strategy


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How Aptean GenomeQuest Helps Law Firms Improve Their IP Strategy

25 Aug 2023

Henk Heus
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When your business is intellectual property (IP), you need to differentiate yourself by building information-driven IP strategies for your customers.  A crucial part of this is providing your clients with strong patent protection and efficient IP research.

However, in the life sciences, rulings like Mayo v. Prometheus and AMP v. Myriad have cast a web of uncertainty over the proper drafting of claims for new applications and the enforceability of claims of existing patents. That leads to even more opportunity for your firm, but a great deal of challenging analytical work as well.

Completing exhaustive and precise IP sequence searches can be time-consuming and expensive; often requiring a team of highly skilled professionals to carry out the searches, analyze the results and produce accessible, insightful reports for the client. You will find free IP sequence search tools are incomplete or stuck in the wrong algorithms, as well as static and time-consuming to use—not to mention the security risks they can present. Considering these risks, what’s needed is a powerful, cost-effective and efficient method of searching for IP around sequences.

This is where Aptean GenomeQuest can make a real difference, giving you the ability to search the world’s most comprehensive database of gene patents, antibody patents and other patent sequences helping you deliver that aforementioned strong patent protection with a more efficient IP research service to your clients; differentiating your offering in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

How Can Aptean GenomeQuest Benefit Your Business? 

  • Savings for your clients - Quickly produce professional, comprehensive and accessible search reports in hours—not days. Choose from a variety of custom summary and reports, including sequence search, full-text document search or other combinations. Documents and alignments can also be exported to formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel and BizInt Smart Charts. Take less time and make your offering a more attractive, cost-effective proposition than that of your competitors with IP searches powered by Aptean GenomeQuest.

  • Do more with the people you have - Take full advantage of Aptean’s experience and expertise in IP sequence searching to help you set up and analyze searches; enabling you to do more with the people you have in-house. Your IP search experts will spend less time on the searching process, but be equipped to produce more complex search results—like antibody searches or amino acid variation searches—without needing to employ additional skill sets. You can profit from Aptean’s experience, keeping your team happy with an efficient, best-of-breed, easy to use search and analysis tool which includes advice on search strategies, should you require it.

  • Achieve peace of mind - You and your clients can have utmost confidence in the results of your IP searches. Not only has Aptean GenomeQuest been the tool of choice for the industry for over 20 years, it’s used by the majority of big pharmaceutical, agrochemical and biotech companies and some of the large patent offices to establish and protect their IP.

  • A flexible business model - The amount of searches you need to carry out might vary from week-to-week or month-to-month. That’s why a flexible business model is a must when it comes to how you pay for your searches. Pay for a single search or buy a discounted search bundle; any unused search credits can be carried over to the next bundle too. Again, this makes for a more cost-effective, flexible approach to searching, which you can then pay forward to your clients.

What Makes Aptean GenomeQuest Different to Other Search Tools?

Now that you've seen how Aptean's IP search solution can benefit both your law firm and your clients, let's review the factors that differentiate our solution from other search tools on the market.

  1. World's most comprehensive IP sequence database - Featuring 580+ million bio-sequences and over 25+ million Life Science full-text patent documents, Aptean GenomeQuest contains information from sequence listings, text, tables, figures and all major public sequence databases. Updated twice a week—ensures you always have access to the most thorough, accurate and up-to-date IP sequence data giving you confidence in your searches, leaving no stone unturned.

  2. Complete set of industry-standard sequence comparison algorithms - Including several dedicated IP sequence search algorithms developed in collaboration with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world (peer-reviewed and published in Nature Biotech), our solution offers a complete set of industry-standard sequence comparison algorithms including BLAST, and MOTIF search, plus Aptean’s proprietary GenePAST and Fragment Search algorithms for percent identity calculations. The full-text document search algorithm syntax supports ontology-based and user-made synonym lists, full Boolean logic, wild cards and sophisticated features like word proximity and fuzzy search. Searches can be done on the full document text or on any of the bibliographic fields available.

  3. Extensive analysis and reporting functionality - Filter, sort, group, deduplicate search results and export presentation-ready search reports in various popular formats using extensive analysis and reporting functionality. A user-friendly result browser with a vast range of flexible filters, intuitive summary views and graphical results charts provides quick and easy searching and on-point results. This combination of powerful searching with user-friendly visualization and analysis tools that can merge sequence and full-text document search results and analyze the results as one, helps you to quickly make sense of large sets of search results, while extensive filters and grouping tools allow you to examine any combination of fields and drill down to individual results.

As the patent protection and IP research demands on law firms become more complex, having the right IP sequence search tool at your disposal can be the key to unlocking a real competitive advantage for your business. With Aptean GenomeQuest, you can provide the timely, exhaustive search and analysis capabilities that clients require, creating a tangible competitive advantage for your business, putting you and your clients a clear step ahead of the competition.

For more information on how Aptean GenomeQuest has helped organizations like yours and how we can help to optimize your IP sequence search capabilities, contact our team of IP search experts today.

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