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Automate and Streamline Your Payment Processes with Aptean Pay for Consumer Goods Businesses

Automate and Streamline Your Payment Processes with Aptean Pay for Consumer Goods Businesses


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Automate and Streamline Your Payment Processes with Aptean Pay for Consumer Goods Businesses

26 Aug 2020

Ken Weygand
paying online purchase with credit card

The consumer goods industry is evolving.

Global business-to-business (B2B) ecommerce sales are predicted to exceed $6.6 trillion this year, while business-to-consumer (B2C) are expected to reach $3.2 trillion.

Those numbers are monumental.

With higher volumes of ecommerce orders, there will be more digital payments, as well. This is particularly true for B2C business, and though B2B may still allow the antiquated paper-based invoicing and check payments, digital payments are easier, faster and more accurate.

Let’s narrow our focus. Let’s talk about your money specifically.  

Whether other businesses or end consumers, collecting payments from your customers is the most crucial part of running a successful business, alongside the need to satisfy your customer base, that is. To remain viable, though, you need to make money.

It really is that simple.

But between managing production suppliers, accurately tracking imports from suppliers to the warehouse, complex operations, labor management and forecasting inventory, there’s a lot to worry about.

What if you could remove the stress of getting paid?

Instead of working between disparate legacy systems, communicating through accounting or manually crunching the numbers, an industry-specific solution with an integrated payment platform that allows you to accept digital payments from your customers and capture them automatically is precisely what you need.

When your customers pay you, you want to recognize that revenue as soon as possible, but traditional payment processes can slow you down. Whether you’re still dealing with the hassle of processing paper checks or using a digital solution that doesn’t connect with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutionAptean Pay is here to help.

Built especially for Aptean ERP users, this user-friendly digital payment platform enables you to get paid faster and streamlines labor-intensive accounting tasks so you can focus on running your business.

If you generally work with B2B customers, you know how trying it can be to receive a payment within a timely fashion. Most businesses have net turns. Let’s say you’re working with a company that has a Net 30 but then calls on day 29 and wants to pay electronically. Without a solution like Aptean Pay, there’s no good way to handle and process that payment.

It’d be manual, outside the ERP solution and would involve writing down bank account or credit card information that you need to re-key into another system or terminal. This process is very error-prone, labor-intensive and opens up the doors to fraud. Save yourself the headache, the time and the risk.

Aptean Pay can help your business:

  • Get paid faster – Stop waiting around for checks to arrive. With Aptean Pay, customers can pay you immediately when they receive an online invoice.

  • Automate time-consuming processes – With Aptean Pay, payment transactions are automatically captured in Aptean Distribution ERP, automating accounts receivable reconciliation. You can also send payment requests via email.

  • Improve financial reporting accuracy – Since Aptean Pay reconciles payment transactions in Aptean Distribution ERP nearly instantly, you can pull more accurate, up-to-date financial reports.

  • Get started in minutes – Setup is quick and painless. Simply create a merchant account, set your pay-out frequency settings, enter your bank account information, and start accepting digital payments right away.

Ready for Aptean’s industry-specific solutions to help your consumer goods company automate and streamline your accounting processes? Find out how, now.

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