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Aptean and BRCGS Partner to Advance Food Safety Forward

Aptean and BRCGS Partner to Advance Food Safety Forward

Aptean and BRCGS Partner to Advance Food Safety Forward

8 Jun 2021

Aptean is a proud partner of BRCGS, a leader in food safety compliance and provider of rigorous third-party certifications for food and beverage businesses. Originally founded in 1996 by the British Retail Consortium to establish global standards, BRCGS is now at the forefront of setting industry benchmarks for packaging, materials, storage and distribution and also provides guidance for manufacturers of a variety of consumer products, including those with gluten-free, plant-based and ethically traded labels.

More than 29,000 businesses in over 130 countries have current BRCGS certificates, making it one of the most widely adopted sets of standards in the world. The brand’s focus on transparency and protection of end consumers leads to fewer food safety emergencies like product withdrawals and recalls. For U.S.-based businesses, BRCGS standards also align with those included in the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), making this certification even more vital for food and beverage companies doing business in the United States.

As a provider of purpose-built, industry-specific technological solutions for food and beverage manufacturers, processors and distributors, Aptean has a mission of equipping food and beverage organizations with the tools they need to ensure compliance and safety throughout their supply chain. Aptean Food & Beverage ERP is designed to help companies meet the standards of BRCGS and government regulatory bodies.

With shared goals for the improvement and standardization of food safety worldwide, the partnership between Aptean and BRCGS has a strong foundation and promising future.

To learn more about BRCGS, visit their website and Aptean’s partner page.

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