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Aptean Podcast, Episode 4: Why Food Safety Matters

Aptean Podcast, Episode 4: Why Food Safety Matters


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Aptean Podcast, Episode 4: Why Food Safety Matters

8 Jun 2022


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Podcast card, episode 4 - Jack Payne

On this week's episode of "Ready for What’s Next, Now: An Aptean Podcast," industry expert, Jack Payne joins us to discuss food safety and quality control with host John McCurdy. We cover the progress the industry has made in food safety regulations, where businesses stand today in terms of their performance and priorities, and what steps can be taken to further advance their food safety initiatives.

"If you move specifically into predictive analytics, you can see the trends and what's going on right now. So we can take out those barriers and eliminate the things that cause problems with food safety—that, plus traceability, is what we need to maintain safe food."

Jack PayneVice President, Product Management & Solutions ConsultingAptean

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