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Aptean Proof of Delivery Success Story: Dreams

Aptean Proof of Delivery Success Story: Dreams


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Aptean Proof of Delivery Success Story: Dreams

2 Jun 2021


As a business, we are the UK's, or protest to be, the UK's number one bed retailer. We have a fleet of 110 of our own vehicles and operate an average of about 120 to 125 vehicles a week.

fleXipod's a new introduction for us. So again I said I joined the business about nine months ago. We've been doing everything on paper. And it works, but it's quite intensive, labour intensive, time intensive. And from a customer perspective, it's slow to update our central systems. Which therefore means if a customer is trying to make an enquiry about a delivery that was attempted, about a delivery that was made, and they've got an issue with, we're behind the apron in respect of being able to tell them what's happened.

So currently, twenty percent of all our customers are now receiving delivery via our ePODs. What does that mean to customers yet? Very little other than they don't get a piece of paper to sign, they sign on glass and the receipt confirmation is automatically sent back into our center. It's really about the future and what that can do for customers. Because as we now plan to roll that out across our network, we would expect to have fleXipod, operating across all of our vehicles and vans, including any contractors that we will in-source for short periods of time.

That will then enable us to take it to phase two, where we can give live track-and-trace to customers and also use it for dynamically updating customers when they have completed pre-delivery, delivery minus one, to the other customers. So they know that we're 10 or 15 minutes away. And I think it will change the customer experience. And what that means for us as a business is, it will drive down contacts into our contact center and it will make us, it will make customers more self-sufficient in enabling them to see what's happening with their order.

If your business is ready to leverage our electronic proof of delivery software like Dreams, reach out to our TMS team today.

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