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Aptean GenomeQuest: Discovery Browser

Aptean GenomeQuest: Discovery Browser


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Aptean GenomeQuest: Discovery Browser

5 Nov 2021


Hello. Today I will give a brief introduction into GenomeQuest's new Discovery Browser. The new Discovery Browser places many of the GenomeQuest filters and grouping methods at your fingertips. Here, we see a typical antibody search displayed in the patent family grouping.

In the traditional browser, the different group encounter displayed after changing the grouping. Here, you see that we have the information available directly, and this information updates as you apply the standard GenomeQuest filters. The Discovery Browser enables fast drill-down via the twist arrows.

Here we are able to quickly get details on the patent family, the patent, including claims and priority dates and finally the individual sequences. The Discovery Browser enables quick sorting within the different groupings and we've also added the multiple query analysis tool to the front page to allow fast access to the families and patents that contain all or a portion of your query sequences.

Different views allow you to filter and/or highlight specific terms within the claims or other texts. Hovering over the claims expands the data and you can quickly highlight terms within those claims to see which hits contain your terms, and the proximity of those terms. These highlights, alignments and other data in your view will export to Excel for reporting and sharing.

Standard GenomeQuest filters allow you to narrow your results set as you would in the traditional browser. We've also put the more frequently used filters on the front page. Here we indicate counts and allow fast filtering with checkboxes. I will filter here for granted claimed sequences and then highlight that data with a single click.

Removing these filters, you will see that the annotations are maintained. All the annotations are exported into Excel for reporting purposes. Annotations can be done on an individual basis with colors, stars and checkboxes. You can also annotate all or a portion of your data through our bulk annotation menu.

The annotations that you create, including the stars, colors, check boxes and text highlights are all exported into your Excel report, allowing you to provide the information in your final output. That concludes the demonstration of the new GQ discover browser. Thanks.

Discover more about Aptean GenomeQuest and its Discovery Browser, a feature of the comprehensive biological IP database from Aptean. Get in touch with our team of experts today to get started.

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