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Aptean Respond provides a full suite of user-friendly features to help you optimize your case management process and transform customer satisfaction.

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Case Agent

Respond Case Agent is the primary interface that front-line workers use to enter customer cases. Its process-driven workflow guides users through any form of feedback–complaints, suggestions, inquiries, and compliments–enabling them to deliver appropriate, consistent, and timely responses. Built-in escalation paths automatically move cases up the chain when necessary.

Case Manager

Respond Case Manager is a configurable interface that displays all of the information case managers and handlers need to do their job, including links to recent cases, frequently run searches and reports, and even external data sources. Notes, phone calls, emails, social media interactions, and reminders are all supported by the platform and captured in the case history, streamlining the case entry process. Case Manager also provides the option to create templates for letters and emails, further increasing system-wide consistency and staff productivity.

Configuration Manager

With Respond, you can design your perfect customer feedback process and define the way your agents and case managers handle customer interactions. Respond Configuration Manager puts you in control with a simple, wizard-driven interface that guides you through all of the software’s configurable features. From defining escalation paths to building the workflow required to close out a case or capture a compliment, you can do it all—no expensive consultants or integrators needed.

Respond in the Cloud

Respond in the Cloud is a distinct Respond package that offers all of the product’s core components in a SaaS (Software as a Service) deployment model. Its unique, multi-residency approach leverages the scale of cloud infrastructure while keeping all of your private data secure and separated from that of other customers. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Respond in the Cloud provides rapid computing power and storage expansion as customers need it. This model also offers lower start-up costs, a pay-as-you-go subscription model, and lower capital investment.

Reports & Searches

Respond provides your organization with many ways to report on the vault of feedback data within the system. Leverage user-defined parameters to search case data and produce tabular reports to export to Excel or other reporting tools—or generate graphical reports and charts using built-in tools designed with the business user in mind.


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Extended Capabilities


Respond’s social engagement platform allows social and formal case management to happen under one roof. It grants case management staff direct access to Twitter and Facebook channels so they can respond to or escalate inbound feedback while monitoring specific keywords and hashtags. Tweets, posts, and messages from all company accounts and saved searches appear in the Universal Inbox, providing a real-time, multi-channel view. Users can respond directly to feedback from inside the platform, writing their own responses or choosing from pre-configured templates for simpler replies—the level of flexibility is up to your organization.

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TheySay Sentiment Analysis

TheySay Sentiment Analysis immediately analyzes text from social and email channels to produce real-time sentiment analysis on inbound messages, helping agents gain a nuanced understanding of customer sentiment, mood, and intent, and prioritize their workload.

Business Intelligence

Respond’s Business Intelligence module outputs Respond data in a standard online analytical processing (OLAP) reporting format that can be used in your existing data warehouse or through a third-party reporting or data analytics tool.

Quality Accelerator

Quality Accelerator provides risk-based, real-time quality assurance and retrospective quality control. It allows managers to monitor their team’s case handling, identify poor practice and, if needed, intervene. Managers can provide individual feedback to workers, identify common mistakes, and kick-start training improvements. They can also highlight high performers and direct rewards and retention efforts to the strongest team members.

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XSync streamlines reporting workflow by allowing users to continually synchronize data in a Microsoft Excel workbook with the latest information from Respond. Users can instantly refresh Respond data from within Excel, and quickly conceptualize data visualizations from within a tool they already know. Because XSync detects the security settings in Respond, it will only pull data that the user is authorized to view.


Self-Serve is a configurable interface that offers an additional channel for customers to log cases and seek support. When a customer logs feedback or a complaint, Self-Serve automatically creates a case in Respond for the team to pick up and manage. This eliminates the need to re-key information, improving accuracy and efficiency. Self-Serve can be embedded directly into an existing client service portal or website, so it’s easy for customers to find and use.

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