Survey Module

Customer surveys can be a powerful tool for measuring the success of your case management process and identifying areas for improvement. But traditional survey tools are siloed from the complaints management system, making it extremely difficult to contextualize and make use of your survey feedback. The solution? The Respond Survey module embeds a customer feedback process within your Respond case management platform, allowing your team to create targeted customer surveys and then analyze the survey feedback within the context of the case data.

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Increase response rates

Context-sensitive surveys and mobile-first design increase customer engagement and boost response rates.

Gather actionable feedback

Since each survey is linked to a Respond case, survey results can be examined within the context of the case, helping to reveal what is driving the feedback and enabling direct follow-up.

Monitor and analyze survey data

User-friendly dashboards give you the insights you need to understand the feedback received for different case handlers and time periods.

Improve accuracy and efficiency

Working within a single platform minimizes human error and time wasted transferring data across separate survey and case management systems.

Close the loop

Finalize a case by ensuring the customer is happy with how their complaint has been handled and that no outstanding queries remain unanswered.

Key Features

Context-sensitive configuration

Use Respond Configuration Manager to create surveys with context-sensitive questions that reflect the recipient’s case type, and gather actionable feedback about their customer service experience during the journey.

Engaging survey design

Survey’s clean, mobile-first design is fully responsive, so customers can easily complete your surveys from their mobile device. Flexible configuration options for response types such as ratings, single or multi-select responses, and free text response fields allow you to create an interactive experience that keeps your customers engaged. Easily add your branding and color scheme to create a professional, on-brand look and feel.

Interactive dashboards

Gather actionable insights with role-specific dashboards that amalgamate survey responses with case data. Team leaders can use their dashboards to see how their teams are performing in the eyes of the customer, filtering to examine results for specific time periods, case handlers, or survey questions, and pinpointing areas for improvement. Case handlers can leverage their own dashboards to understand what customers think of their performance and to prioritize their work by identifying and responding to the most negative feedback.

Automated analysis for free-text responses

Free-text responses provide more nuanced feedback than multiple-choice questions, but are time-consuming to review in large quantities. Survey drives efficiency by automatically analyzing free-text responses for sentiment, flagging responses that show strongly positive or negative sentiment so a human can prioritize them for in-depth review.

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