MYJAR Improves Customer Service with Aptean Respond

MYJAR is a consumer credit provider that is committed to providing exceptional customer service. True to their ethos, ‘there when you need it’, the MYJAR support teams, who work 7 days a week, provide immediate support to customers wishing to talk through their loan status, find out their current balance or report any difficulties. Since launching in 2008, they have issued 2 million loans totaling over £500 million. As they experienced rapid growth, ’s the inefficiency and inconsistency of MYJAR’s manual complaint management practices became more apparent and the need for a better system to keep up with their standard for customer service was heightened. That’s why they chose to implement Aptean Respond. With the help of Respond, MYJAR has cemented their brand reputation for exceptional customer service — and they recently earned a 9.3 out of 10 Trust Pilot score to prove it.


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London, United Kingdom

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The Challenge

As they grew, MYJAR’s very manual process of logging and managing customer complaints became a roadblock to growth.

  • Cases were manually logged across many spreadsheets
  • Storing data on numerous different systems made Management Information (MI) checks an onerous task
  • These procedures prevented them from delivering their desired level of customer service

The Solution

MYJAR started looking for a robust complaints management system that would support their planned business growth. The solution needed to:

  • Be highly configurable to their unique business processes
  • Pull all data together into one clear source of information, enabling better, faster utilization of data
  • Have a seamless implementation and rollout process

The Result

After implementing Aptean Respond, MYJAR saw quick adoption and immediate benefits. Results include:  

  • Improved complaint logging and tracking
  • Automated and simplified reporting
  • Improved accuracy of MI
  • Better oversight into team efficiency as well as individual worker performance
  • Improved ability to meet regulatory expectations

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