PEZ Candy Improves Productivity and Decreases Lead Times with Ross Inventory Manager

Since 2005, PEZ Candy Inc. has relied on Aptean Ross ERP to monitor and manage their North American manufacturing processes and has remained active in adopting new Ross technologies to maintain their competitive edge in the marketplace. In 2017, PEZ was in the market for a much-needed upgrade to their mobile devices whose operating system was no longer supported. After the release of Ross Inventory Manager (RIM), PEZ quickly implemented the product within their facility, improving productivity, efficiency, and order fulfillment speeds.


Food & Beverage


175 in North America


Compressed candies


Vienna, Austria

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The Challenge

PEZ’s outdated technology was negatively impacting productivity and creating other problems for their manufacturing teams. Given some of their technology limitations, there was an inability to work on multiple tasks at once within distribution center.

The Solution

PEZ needed a solution that would provide:

  • Robust inventory management capabilities
  • Mobile access and flexibility across a variety of devices
  • Quick, seamless deployment with immediate adoption
  • Operational improvements and a boost to productivity

The Result

After implementing RIM, PEZ experienced immediate adoption and results.

  • Decreased end-of-year inventory process by two days (20%)
  • Improved productivity
  • Faster responsiveness and performance
  • Ability to manage several tasks at once through multiple screen flexibility

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