Aptean GenomeQuest

Aptean GenomeQuest is the industry standard in intellectual property (IP) sequence search. Leveraging the world’s largest IP sequence database and state-of-the-art sequence comparison algorithms, GenomeQuest combines the most comprehensive view of the patent landscape with the most powerful search, analysis, and reporting tools available.

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Comprehensive Search Tools at Your Fingertips

With its extensive data coverage (over 400 million sequences), powerful search tools, and user-friendly functionality, Aptean GenomeQuest is the obvious choice for searchers using DNA, RNA, or protein sequence to search the entire sequence domain, both patent and non-patent.

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World’s Largest IP Sequence Database

Featuring over 400 million sequences, GenomeQuest’s GQ-Pat database is the most comprehensive and up-to date IP sequence database available.

State-of-the-Art Search Algorithms

GenomeQuest offers a complete set of industry-standard sequence comparison algorithms – including BLAST, MOTIF search, and Fragment search – plus its proprietary GenePAST algorithm for percent identity calculations.

Powerful Analysis Tools

GenomeQuest’s choice of two different user-friendly result browsers offer a vast range of flexible filters, intuitive summary views, and graphical results charts for quick and easy searching and on-point results.

Streamlined Interface

GenomeQuest’s streamlined user interface is designed for high throughput and ease of use. GenomeQuest is overseen by patent searchers with decades of experience, and this domain expertise is embedded into the design.

Patent Peace of Mind

Many companies use DNA or proteins as the foundation of their IP. Before investing money into research and clinical trials, they need to ensure they have freedom to operate and that their IP is patentable. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options that allow IP professionals to walk away with the peace of mind that the search results are exhaustive.  GenomeQuest offers exactly that: a powerful, cost-effective way to search for patent sequences. It can help you search for the answer to questions such as:

  • Who filed gene patents on CRISPR-CAS9 before 2014?
  • Is this viral vector patentable?
  • Are there antibody patents that limit my freedom to operate in China?
  • How similar is this sequence to sequences in patents published by key competitors?


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Industries Served

A broad range of industries expends significant resources searching for patents, including biotech companies, pharmaceutical firms, agriculture companies, legal services providers, and more.

Industrial Biotech

The most powerful variant sequence solution

Food & Nutrition

Offers general sequence searching

Agriculture Biotech

Trait research and genetic markers

Patent Offices

Search the most comprehensive database of sequence prior art


Patent and alignment data in support of FTO opinions


Easy-to-use CDR search methodology and extensive sequence searching and reporting capabilities

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Education & Academia

Search sequences that are not available anywhere else

    The Power of GenomeQuest

    GenomeQuest users see immediate improvement in their search efficiency and accuracy due to ease-of-use, broad coverage and outstanding support.

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