Aptean TabWare EAM

Maximise asset performance, control maintenance costs, and improve operational efficiency with Aptean TabWare Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

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Comprehensive Yet Easy to Use

TabWare is the leading EAM/CMMS solution for asset-intensive manufacturing and oil & gas organisations to maximise asset performance, reduce maintenance costs, and improve operational efficiency, all with a lower total cost of ownership. And because it is designed by maintenance professionals for maintenance professionals, the job's daily demands are built into the fabric of TabWare's comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, functionality.

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Improved Maintenance

Manage corrective, preventative and predictive work to maximise asset performance, reduce downtime, improve efficiency, and control costs.

Inventory Management

Get the right spare parts to the right place at the right time while optimising stocking levels and managing costs.

Control Costs

Reduce purchasing cycle time, control costs, manage suppliers, and align purchasing with business objectives. TabWare seamlessly incorporates procurement into work management and inventory function to streamline processes and reduce costs to procure.

Environmental, Health, and Safety Management

Manage all safety-related work, hazardous material handling, resource preparedness, and incident tracking with TabWare’s integrated inspections, document storage and event tracking

Process Safety Management

Integrate process safety into maintenance tasks and link them to standard procedures, analyses, MSDS, inspections, and other documents for quick access while supporting change management.

Industry Audits & Regulatory Compliance

Manage external industry audits and regulatory audit compliance without paper.  TabWare’s inspections module enables electronic execution and storage of results, and produces a printed audit report of each inspection that is suitable for distribution to auditors. The audit report is stored in the database with each inspection result so that you can always access that inspection even if you later change the inspection criteria.

Minimise IT Resource Needs

Reduce the demands on your IT staff with certified software that provides some of the best support in the industry and supports Cloud Computing for Maintenance.

Get Up and Running Quickly

With TabWare's market-focused approach and flexible deployment options, organisations are able to get up and running quickly, and its high user adoption rates avoid costly, consulting-intensive implementations that other EAM solutions require.

Improve Quality and Throughput

Improve quality and throughput by maximising asset resource performance with TabWare’s equipment reliability-focused capabilities.

Optimise Asset & Operational Efficiency

TabWare EAM helps to overcome common challenges by providing the information you need to maximise asset performance, control maintenance costs, and improve operational efficiency—without the expense, resources, and implementation time required by other solutions. For any maintenance organisation, TabWare will establish a robust foundation to build upon for continuous improvement or operations, maintenance, and more. Users will benefit by:

  • Maximising the use of their assets: equipment, people, knowledge, tools
  • Ensuring equipment reliability and uptime
  • Streamlining maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Optimising Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) inventory management
  • Maximising end product quality
  • Managing regulatory compliance


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Industries Served

TabWare is the leading EAM solution for virtually all discrete and process manufacturers, including oil and gas, food and beverage, mining and materials, chemical manufacturing, and more.

Oil & Gas

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Process Manufacturing

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Discrete Manufacturing

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Mining and Metals

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Food & Beverage

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Forestry and Wood Processing

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Lower Costs, Higher Profit Margins

TabWare EAM is ideal for any industrial manufacturing operation where success depends on the performance of assets. With out-of-the-box, best-practice-based processes that can be easily integrated into existing applications, TabWare is proven to maximise asset performance—leading to lower operating costs and higher profit margins.

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reduction in production downtime typical post implementation

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