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Apean TabWare EAM is the most flexible, comprehensive, and easy-to-use solution for companies striving to maximise asset performance and reduce operating costs. And given TabWare’s specific industry focus and configurability, you aren’t burdened with functionality you don’t need, resulting in faster implementation times, reduced overhead costs, and a lower TCO compared to larger EAM solutions.

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Optimise Equipment Maintenance

TabWare EAM allows users to capture, maintain, and quickly access asset records to optimise equipment maintenance. With full visibility into your assets, how they are used, where they are located, and whether they are in service, you are better able to reduce the potential for introducing equipment failures while performing maintenance and save time when looking for information. Automated printing of equipment-specific lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures along with the work order reduces injury risk. Further capabilities create a better view of equipment assemblies, sub-assemblies, components, and parts to cut technician wrench time by eliminating time spent searching for parts.

Manage Work Orders

Maintenance requests come from everywhere across the organisation. Whether a simple equipment adjustment request, preventive maintenance work order, or sophisticated automated alert, work order management software is a must. With TabWare’s mobile-enabled Work Order functionality, management of all your maintenance and project-related work has never been easier. Work orders that can be managed include: routine work, corrective work, preventive maintenance work, emergency work, project, shutdown, and outage work, environmental, health, and safety work, inspections, calibration routes.

Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance

A Preventive Maintenance (PM) system is critical for successful asset management. From inspection tasks that detect impending failures to wear part replacement to lubrication, the PM system is the first line of defense against unplanned downtime and equipment failures. TabWare provides a single platform to easily plan, organise, and manage PM work, including building PM Master Plans, linking those plans to equipment, and scheduling PM work order generation. TabWare provides a comprehensive audit trail of all PM work and schedule compliance reporting.

Inventory Management

Effectively managing Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) items is vital to production and equipment uptime. Prolonged outages due to incorrect or out-of-stock parts cost the organisation valuable time and money. Proper MRO inventory monitoring and tracking allows managers to easily identify and locate required parts, limiting the need for emergency procurement and improving inventory service. With TabWare Inventory Management, the right parts get to the right place at the right time  maximising asset performance and optimising stocking levels.

Accessible Work Execution

By capturing data at the point-of-execution, accuracy is significantly increased. TabWare Technician enables users to perform all work activities “in the field,” including part issues, meter readings, electronic checklists, inspection points, and the ability to attach and view pictures and other supporting documentation. Work order action items and statuses are updated and available in TabWare for analysis, providing complete, real-time visibility into job progress. Technicians can view work order details, perform inspection and calibration tasks, charge time, issue parts, enter notes and failure codes, and complete a job on any device.

Resource Management

TabWare’s resource module easily tracks staff and contractor information to maximise asset performance, capturing the individual skills and certifications within the workforce. This single platform creates an ideal structure to assign work tasks, maximise the performance of assets, minimise unplanned downtime, and improve safety, thus extending TabWare’s reach beyond the maintenance organisation to other related departments. The advantage of this is having a single repository for this data for integrated analytics, compliance, and visibility.


Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) purchases account for over 80 percent of the volume of purchase orders issued in most manufacturing operations and often consumes over 80 percent of purchasing resources. TabWare Purchasing tracks all requisitions from initial entry and approval through purchase order (PO) issue, receipts, and invoice matching to help control costs by enforcing approval processes and using negotiated pricing.

Flexible Work Scheduling

Work Order (WO) scheduling focuses on getting the right skills, parts, tools, appropriate instructions, permits and safety procedures together when the equipment is available, and TabWare Scheduling’s flexibility makes planning and scheduling work quick and easy. TabWare Scheduling presents a graphical view of workload leveling across your timeframes and available resources, so Maintenance Planners and Schedulers are able to set resource levels, develop “what-if” scenarios and see planned and available resources at a glance. A hierarchy of schedules can be created, and work can be “dragged and dropped” from one schedule to another.

Self-Service Work Requests

Almost everyone in your organisation requests maintenance work at one time or another, and TabWare Requester streamlines the Work Request process by providing employees a self-service solution that is easily accessible, visible and manageable, and is an integral part of the TabWare maintenance management solution. From a smartphone, tablet or browser, users are able to submit maintenance work requests to TabWare, complete with pictures, files or other supporting documentation.

Event Tracking

TabWare’s event tracking software records equipment history, accidents, emissions, logs, and anything else you need to capture outside of a work order. This single platform allows users to link any event with documents and capture follow-up actions to maintain a clear audit trail of activities.

Mobile Approvals

Available on tablets and smartphones, TabWare Approvals sends automatic email alerts for activities that require review or approval. By giving busy managers and supervisors that are not always behind their computers anywhere, anytime access to critical information, TabWare Approvals helps avoid delays in the work process.

TabWare Analytics

TabWare Analytics is a maintenance Business Intelligence (BI) solution that gives instant insight into the unique Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics that are important to your organisation’s success.

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