Full-Featured Operations Management

By adopting Aptean Apprise ERP, a solution with everything you need, any consumer goods distributor can quickly replace its bloated system full of third-party plugins and customised workarounds. It is the best choice for any company looking to reduce costs, improve shipping speed, and increase profits.

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EDI & Managed EDI

Given that Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is essential for retailers and suppliers, Apprise ERP offers both integrated EDI and managed EDI services depending upon your exact needs.

Demand Planning

Apprise DRP tools integrate point-of-sale data, customer forecasts, historical sales trends, seasonality, supplier lead times and more to help you optimise purchasing decisions.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management tools allow for improved management of inventory, including receiving, picking, and putaway of goods.

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Shipping

Apprise ERP includes features to make DTC shipping processes easier and more efficient. Apprise Shipment Manager supports seamless integrations with all the major carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.) and offers integrated shipping rate shopping as well as SmartyStreets address verification.

Import Management

Import Management features help you achieve perfect order fulfillment to get your customers the right products at the right time.  Shipment, vessel and container tracking, and management tools provide the visibility you need into incoming inventory. And the system automatically tracks and calculates your landed costs so you understand your true profitability.

Chargeback Management

Apprise ERP helps enterprises manage chargebacks—the fees that retailers charge to suppliers, often due to errors. Through improved tracking and better maintaining related records, customers can reduce the number of chargebacks they incur and recover erroneous charges.


With shipping tools—including route management, dynamic routing, BOLS (bill of lading) & packing slips—Apprise will allow consumer goods importers and distributors to bring a new level of organisation and oversight to their operations.

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

Dynamic tools built into Apprise ERP give users visibility over a product’s entire lifecycle, from development and production to sales performance and beyond.

Supplier Production Monitoring (SPM) and Supplier Portal

Integrated Supplier Production Monitoring and Supplier Portal features offer improved visibility into overseas manufacturing facilities, including inspections, quality control, production dates, shipping schedules and other supply-side information. 

Financials & Accounting

Apprise ERP brings simplicity to the bottom line when used as the primary general ledger and accounting tool for accounts payable and receivable.

Analytics & Reporting

Apprise ERP provides powerful business intelligence in the form of profitability, financial data, sales figures, operational reports, and compliance reporting.

Cloud or On-Premise

For greater flexibility, Apprise can be deployed either in the Cloud or on-premise. Both options are made easy by Aptean’s team that helps streamline implementation.

Extended Capabilities

Apprise Mobile

Apprise Mobile is our native tablet app solution that has been built to help sales teams increase productivity by providing remote access to product details, pricing, inventory levels, and customer account info. The app enables remote order entry, trade show presentations, and access to product details.

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Customer Portal

Customer Portal offers a sleek, web-based means for customers to access product details, view customer-specific pricing and terms, and input their own orders. Not only does this save time for customer service representatives, but it also minimises errors because data flows directly into the system.

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Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal offers a sleek, web-based means for customer suppliers to directly add production, shipping, and PO updates. This way, customers don’t need to repeatedly check on these issues.

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EDI Transaction Manager

EDI typically provides automatic data transfers for more efficient communication with trading partners. With EDI Transaction Manager, this capability is fully integrated into the Apprise ERP system, providing drag-and-drop EDI map creation tools for self-service EDI management. This solution eliminates the need for third-party EDI software and provides EDI transaction archiving for data storage, retrieval, and inquiry.

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EDI Managed Services

With EDI Managed Services fully integrated into the Apprise ERP system, our EDI team monitors and manages day-to-day EDI processes and transactions (including mapping) to ensure everything is running smoothly. This allows our customers to stop worrying and instead focus on running their business.

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Apprise Shipment Manager

Apprise Shipment Manager enables users to compare shipping rates and delivery times directly within the system. Other functions include the ability to access tracking numbers and print shipping labels automatically without ever leaving the system.

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