Aptean Apprise ERP

Aptean Apprise ERP is an all-in-one system designed to handle everything consumer goods importers and distributors need to run and grow their business. By creating efficiencies across the enterprise, distributors will see increased profits and ensure the entire business is using the same real-time data.

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All You Need – In One Solution

Aptean Apprise ERP is a fully integrated solution built for consumer goods distributors and importers that includes the specific features needed to get the job done. While other ERPs require extensive customisation or third-party plugins, Aptean’s solution is built to fulfill your core functions right out of the box - saving time and money without sacrificing capability. Apprise ERP can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. And our knowledgeable team works with other businesses like yours every day, meaning we can guide you and provide industry-best recommendations based on your specific requirements.

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EDI & Managed EDI

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has become the primary way that retailers and suppliers communicate electronically—and is often required by major industry players. Apprise ERP includes built-in EDI, with real-time transmissions and an integrated mapper, giving you full control over your EDI in one central location. We also offer  Managed EDI services if you prefer to let our team handle your mapping and day-to-day monitoring on your behalf.

Profitability Scorecard

The system’s warehouse management features allow full inventory control, including the picking and putaway of goods. Its import and logistics management capabilities enables seamless tracking of shipments as well as intelligence on route management for deliveries, increasing shipping speed and profits. And integrated retailer compliance functionality enable you to track and manage chargebacks, customer automatic accruals, and EDI fees so you’re able to reclaim profits and see the true, bottom-line profitability of each customer, product and supplier.

Direct to Consumer Shipping

Specific features built for direct-to-consumer shipping such as ProShip integration, Smarty Street address validation, and retailer specific packing slips enable you to process high volumes of shipments easily and efficiently.  

Forecasting & Purchasing

Automated distribution resource planning (DRP) and forecasting tools integrate historical sales data and long lead times to help you optimise purchasing decisions.  And a flexible, rule-based environment provides automatic alerts on inventory status and reorder levels, so you can maximise order fill rates and improve customer satisfaction.

Sleek, Modern & Efficient

Today's market is full of compliance and data requirements, and still many distributors use antiquated, labor-intensive systems. These clunky, inefficient systems further expose them to risk and prevent them from maintaining their customer base and effectively growing their business.

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Industries Served

Apprise ERP was designed for the importing and distribution of a wide variety of consumer goods, ensuring that the industry’s real-world concerns are baked into its DNA.

Wine & Spirits

Home Furnishings

Gift & Housewares

Apparel & Accessories


Toys & Sporting Goods

    Bottom-Line Impact

    The primary, day-to-day users of Apprise ERP will love its functionality while those in the corner office will appreciate business-wide visibility and celebrate the efficiencies that make a difference on the bottom line. Because the software is designed for a specific type of business—consumer goods distribution—it is sure to streamline operations in a meaningful way throughout the enterprise.

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    The Apprise ERP system is truly integrated. It enables us to manage all aspects of our operations more efficiently - from purchasing, importing, warehouse management and accounting to EDI and customer service.

    — Susan Rivera, VP Operations, Revere Mills, Inc.

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